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Joe being Joe

Today, 06:20 AM

Same old, same old....



It was a nice thought for Denver fans: the chance at a three-game winning streak and a near-.500 record. But the thought went away — and quickly.

The Broncos showed a glimpse of what they could do when Flacco led a 10-play, 75-yard scoring drive. It would, however, be the team's only highlight ... and score ... on the night.

From the sacks to the 12 three-and-outs to the missed opportunities on defense, there isn't much to take away from Denver's performance in a game it needed to win.

Flacco, who was booed by fans toward the end of the game, finished 21-of-34 passing for 213 yards with those eight sacks.....https://www.msn.com/...Kz&ocid=U508DHP


One drive. Then nothing for the rest of the game.


I'm so glad we don't have to watch one more season of ineptitude.

I worried that my eyes and brain would never recover after that yet miraculously Lamar has healed them. :fishin:


Yesterday, 04:51 AM

Battle of the birds and nobody's picking the Ravens. I get it.

As I see it, the Ravens do have a chance to win. Now here comes the "IF'S

They are going to make mistakes due to the crowd noise and environment. Like OTR stated on another thread....take the crowd out of it with long sustained drives. The Browns jumped out to an early lead and the Ravens need to do the same. Lamar them to death.

Score TD's not FG's. They will need every point that they can get. Remember: It's Wilson vs the Ravens D. :nono:


This is a game where they have to show that they can find ways to win vs finding ways to lose. Minimize penalties, win the turnover battle, win field position and time of possession.


The Ravens are playing a very good playoff contender. Their second real test of the season. They almost pulled it off against the Chiefs in that loud and hostile stadium. The Seahawks, like the Ravens, have beaten nobody, only their wins were close. Maybe it's time for the Seahawks to find out if they are contenders or pretenders. Maybe they leave the game disappointed. :gorave:


Insiders predict: Seattle Seahawks

- Favored to win: Seattle Seahawks
- Spread: -3.5
- Odds: -180

- Baltimore Ravens team stats:
- Offense: 450.7 yards per game (#1 in the league)
--- Passing offense: 245.7 ypg (#14)
--- Rushing offense: 205.0 ypg (#1)
- Defense: 350.2 yards per game (#13 in the league)
--- Passing defense: 269.5 ypg (#25)
--- Rushing defense: 80.7 ypg (#4)

- Seattle Seahawks team stats:
- Offense: 399.0 yards per game (#5 in the league)
--- Passing offense: 268.5 ypg (#8)
--- Rushing offense: 130.5 ypg (#9)
- Defense: 359.8 yards per game (#20 in the league)
--- Passing defense: 267.0 ypg (#23)
--- Rushing defense: 92.8 ypg (#11)

Consider This

14 October 2019 - 04:09 PM

The heavy run of games in the Ravens schedule now lies ahead.

Before we start hanging the Ravens and ourselves on The Tree of Woe consider this: Maybe some of these teams aren't as scary as we think.


Who have the mighty 5-1 Seahawks defeated?

Let's see here.....They have a 1 point win over the 0-5  Bengals.

A 2 point win over the 2-4 Steelers.

A 17 point win over the 2-3 Cardinals

A 1 point win over the 3-3 Rams

And a 2 point win over the 2-4 Browns.

They lost to the Saints with Teddy Bridgewater.


I'd say that makes them a little more mortal.


Same for the undefeated Patriots.

Wins over the 2-4 Steelers, 0-5 Dolphins, 1-4 Jets, 4-1 Bills, 1-5 Redskins and 2-4 Giants.

To the Patriots credit, other than the Bills, they slaughtered these teams.


I know they have no choice on scheduling and have to play against whoever is on there yet......


And we know the Ravens are hurting defensively. Now Elliot is done for the season. One more injury and Ricard might be playing safety.

Yet............they have a decent shot at getting a win during the next 2 games. Maybe 2! :gorave:


10 October 2019 - 06:17 PM

I'll be very interested to see if Lamar has a good game passing and if the D shows some kind, shit....any kind, of improvement.



MV5BYjcwNjc4N2QtZmUwOS00NzM1LWIzNmMtZTJi "I see a big Ravens win."


Cincinnati Bengals team stats:
- Offense: 319.2 yards per game (#26 in the league)
--- Passing offense: 258.0 ypg (#9)
--- Rushing offense: 61.2 ypg (#31)
- Defense: 411.8 yards per game (#31.0 in the league)
--- Passing defense: 244.2 ypg (#17)
--- Rushing defense: 167.6 ypg (#31)


- Baltimore Ravens team stats:
- Offense: 441.4 yards per game (#3 in the league)
--- Passing offense: 249.2 ypg (#13)
--- Rushing offense: 192.2 ypg (#2)
- Defense: 370.2 yards per game (#21 in the league)
--- Passing defense: 280.0 ypg (#29)
--- Rushing defense: 90.2 ypg (#10)

Back in First Place

08 October 2019 - 02:57 AM

2019 AFC North Standings
Baltimore 3 2 0 .600 161 123
Cleveland 2 3 0 .400 92 122
Pittsburgh 1 4 0 .200 99 114
Cincinnati 0 5 0 .000 80 136


The Browns got their ass's handed to them last night.

Mayfield got benched. Beckham was a comedic no show.


Looks like Pittsburgh, Cincinatti and the Browns are struggling mightily.


Now...once again, can the Ravens not fumble another opportunity to take control of the AFC North?