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Power Ranking Too High

11 September 2019 - 05:30 PM

MV5BYjcwNjc4N2QtZmUwOS00NzM1LWIzNmMtZTJi USA Today needs to calm down some. They have the Ravens at #5.



NFL power rankings, post-Week 1 edition:

1. Patriots (1): If they're 30 points better than Pittsburgh before bringing Antonio Brown into fold, who's going to derail them going forward? (AB, right?)

2. Chiefs (2): Appears they'll get nice boost from a pair of ex-Bills — RB Shady McCoy and WR Sammy Watkins. K.C. definitely looms as most significant threat to New England.

3. Vikings (5): Suffocating defense and a relentless run game with QB Kirk Cousins almost in a complementary role — exactly the type of team that Mike Zimmer wants.

4. Saints (3): This time they avoided heartbreaking loss on national stage, but secondary has work to do if New Orleans is to celebrate 10-year Super Bowl anniversary in style.

5. Ravens (17): QB Lamar Jackson looked like an MVP. New-look defense appeared up to Baltimore's perennial standards. But was it all a Miami mirage?....https://www.usatoday...ens/2269848001/



#8 in ESPN's....




Prisco has them at # 10.....https://www.cbssport...ake-big-tumble/




Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is getting a bust made in Canton.

The New England Patriots can't be beat.

The Miami Dolphins can't beat Alabama.

Sammy Watkins is Jerry Rice now.

The Cleveland Browns will be lucky to get to .500.

On an on it goes with NFL Week 1 overreactions. Just remember, you are never as good or as bad as you look in Week 1...........https://www.cbssport...ake-big-tumble/









Previous rank: No. 11

We knew the Ravens drew a favorable matchup in Week 1, but it wasn't supposed to be that easy. Baltimore's drive results by possession in the first half: TD, TD, TD, TD, punt (muffed by Dolphins), TD, TD. That last score came after John Harbaugh called for a fake punt -- successfully executed -- with the Ravens leading 35-3. Cold-blooded! The biggest storyline, of course, was Lamar Jackson, who become the first QB with five or more touchdown passes in a season opener since Peyton Manning (2013). He didn't throw his first incompletion of the afternoon until the 3:31 mark of the second quarter. It won't always be this easy -- it may never be this easy again for Jackson -- but it remains an incredibly impressive start to a sophomore season that just saw its expectations go through the roof. The schedule stays soft in Week 2 with a home matchup against the Cardinals.....http://www.nfl.com/n...ise-browns-fall

Feeling harmless: Browns blown out in opener

08 September 2019 - 04:21 PM

Oh well.



CLEVELAND -- After the promising finish to last year and the blockbuster acquisition of Odell Beckham Jr. in the offseason, these Cleveland Browns were finally supposed to be different. Instead, the underdog Tennessee Titans routed them 43-13 Sunday, turning Cleveland's most anticipated opener in decades into a debacle, as Browns fans began filing out of FirstEnergy Stadium early in the fourth quarter.......https://www.espn.com...ns-blown-opener



Something Good Happening in College Park.

07 September 2019 - 02:38 PM


Just watched the Terps woop #21 Syracuse 63-20.

Locksley is doing fantastic recruiting job locally. I hear many of the St Francis players want to play for him. He's starting to own the Maryland, DC and Virginia market and games like today will make Maryland veryy attractive.

He's got an excellent coaching staff.

And WOW! This offense is something we've never seen. Really diverse and smooth.


We have a new slogan: Maryland is Jackson Country.

Lamar and now Josh Jackson. Boy did he look sharp....and smart. He dissected the defense and made excellent on target passes.


The future is bright.


06 September 2019 - 04:04 AM

The NFL season is off to a great start! :yeah:



The Chicago Bears first game of the 2019 NFL season:

Field Goal
Turnover on downs
Turnover on downs


The Known and the Unknown going into Week 1.

03 September 2019 - 09:43 AM

And they're off! :gorave:


And I just don't know......how well they will do.


Rankings have the 2019 Ravens in the middle of the pack around #16. I can agree to that for now, because everything that we have seen is vanilla.

I haven't seen most of my concerns about this team answered in the preseason. So here's my unknowns and it serious because there are a lot.


1. I'll start with Lamar. He's an upgrade at QB. This whole team is rallying behind him. They are excited to have him and they believe in him. His leadership is evident. He's animated and talks with everybody. His work ethic and commitment to winning is contagious. And....the hard work that he's done this off season to be a pure passer in the NFL is paying off. His mechanics are good. He's not a QB who can carry this team on his arm and win. Not at this point, yet he is a QB who can carry this team on his arm and legs and win. We saw some of this in the 4th quarter rally against the Chargers when his line bonked. He's better now. How well he will do depends on #2...his unproven receiving corps.



2. WR. Lamar has excellent weapons at TE and Ingram out of the back field. That will help this unproven receiving corps. They looked good in the pre season yet everything changes now. He has big targets in Byokin and Scott. They have good hands and a huge catch radius....and they have speed. Snead will help in the slot and be a chain mover. Brown is the big question mark. He showed great speed and good hands yet he is very raw. Can these players develop into solid route runners and get the timing down with Lamar? If...once again this is a Big IF....if they do, then it's lights out and playoffs because the team will run the ball at will. The fact that teams will stack the box against the run should allow for a lot of 1 on 1 match ups. Win these and life is good!



#3 and #4 are big concerns because the game is won in the trenches.


#3. Offensive line. They can run block in Roman's scheme as proven last year. Pass protection is another issues. Depth is an issue. Experience at LG is an issue...center too. Lamar will need a pocket. He can't be effective if he's running for his life every passing play.


#4. D line. They will continue to be stout against the run, yet nobody has emerged as a sack daddy. I'm sure they will bring a lot of heat by blitzing. It's they only way that I see them getting to the QB. That hurts the coverage on the back end. Tavon Young being lost for the season will hurt because this secondary will have to be awfully good given the lack of a pass rush.

What I know.


#1. This will be one fun and exciting team to watch. Just like last year, yet I feel even better with the roster DeCosta's is creating. He has a vision for some new twists to Ravens football.

#2. This roster and team balance gives the 2019 Ravens the opportunity to win against any opponent they face this year. Don't forget Parity. Every team in the NFL has weaknesses. There's no "gimme" Wins but I see no sure losses. Of course they will lose some games. I'm seeing 10-6. What matters to me is that they will be competitive.

#3. Harbaugh will have his squad focused, ready, prepared and fired up every week. They will get better week to week They will grow and evolve as the season wears on and find ways to win.

#4 Speed. This team will play very fast. 2000 fast. With Lamar, Hill, Brown and Ingram any defender that blinks loses. Andrews and Hurst are fast, big and physical. The linebackers are very fast. Same for the DB's. Few teams in the NFL have this much speed.



The 2018 Ravens team was very flawed yet they won the AFC North. I'm not counting the 2019 team out. They are better. Everybody else got better. Somethings got to give.

So it's time to compete. :gorave: