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  1. Hey Guys! Sorry it's been awhile. Yeah I'm disappointed in Collins but you just got to ride it out. Dixon isn't the long term answer either since he's got the vitality of Campanero.
  2. Pitta's going to be averaging 20 targets a game
  3. A little blast from the past. Change Vinny with Joe and its still the same http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1VY8ZomhtA Edit: Sorry its the 98 team
  4. I'd probably feel different if SSR was playing 1 more year. I think this offense would be competitive with at least 1 alpha fighting and giving them some pop. I'm not a huge fan of them going out and getting Boldin back but someone needs to be the bulldog in the group...whos it now? With all this talk of "old school" football our starting offense is all finesse. Maybe Maxx or Gillmore if they can stay healthy but who knows.
  5. Well the starting secondary is all vets and they can put Webb at nickle or Humphrey. Pass rush will be a big ? will the 2nd year guys coming off injuries and the new drafties. O Line really scares me, Joe is even shittier when under pressure. I guess at least he'll have 20 TEs to check down to.
  6. I get the feeling this is an 8-8 or slightly better team. This offense is going to be horrible, and all the talk about the defense but this is still a offensive minded NFL.
  7. The only time Oz got to enjoy his Wr draft picks (exception being Torrey and Cravs boy TD Taylor).
  8. The guy just couldn't give up killing
  9. Yeah give me an hour of Eugene bullshitting his way out of a situation or Trevor making Gregory squirm over the rest of the boring survivors. The show was about the characters now its the gimmicks. To me the jump the shark moment was when Daryl/Carol rode the ambulance over the overpass, and the walker tornado. Fanboys will say if you hate the show stop watching it, I watch it because these just a small hope it'll catch that old magic it had. Negans introduction gave me that feeling again then I watch the finale and feel like a chump because absolutely nothing changed from the episode after Glen got his brains bashed in. Ricks groups fighting Negans group for revenge that's it.
  10. i dont blame Eugene for making that choice. Look at your options....struggle daily to survive and end up giving 1/2 your take to the savoirs or be Negans "super smarty pants'' and go make bullets/play atari.....I know which one I'm taking.
  11. It all depends on what Oz drafts....Hes got a good track record of Tackles, and linebackers. So I don't mind trading Jerrigan to move up a bunch of spots and get a true 3rd round pick. First 4 picks: 1) WR 2) CB 3) OLB/DE 4) RT They don't have to be in that order. We need a possession receiver badly so I'm hoping for Mike Williams.
  12. Sorry for the rant ahead..... I wont go into spoilers but in general this season was crap. Rick's still proving he's an idiot who survives based on plot armor/ex machina moments. One small scene completely gives away the ''twist''. You can basically cut this season down to maybe a 3 hour miniseries to sum up 16 episodes. Best parts of the season are Eugene and Negans back and forth, and Trevor making Gregory squirm. All the interesting sub characters are gone leaving bland throwaways. Carol and Morgan become militant because the plot needs a season finale fight. The roles are flipped The Saviors are far more interesting than Ricks group. You use to want to root for the group when characters like Hershel, Tyreese,Bob, Dale and Merle were involved. Now you just want The Savoirs to off them because of the stupid decisions they make.
  13. He had one good season because 4 guys ahead of him were put on IR. When he fizzles out with the Colts he'll be #4 WR on the Montreal Alouettes.
  14. Zuttah was like a French tank.....moved faster in reverse. I got this bad feeling Urshel will get the job and be AQ Shitley Jr
  15. Does it ever occur to you that the org tries to do that but the players know they'll make more come free agency?
  16. "I mistakenly took a substance without the proper NFL medical exemption, and while it was unintentional, I accept full responsibility for my actions and their consequences," Dixon said. Hmmmm...... smells like Adderall to me. Maybe the Os can use him.
  17. Robjr83

    It Begins

    21st century ...yep your right
  18. Do they still have restricted FA?....Either way it still goes back on Oz whiffing on draft picks and the vets he's signing aren't cutting it. Team trainers need to be evaluated too with the epidemic of injuries that fall this team every year.
  19. Huge albatross contracts they have to jettison.... Suggs, Webb, Pitta and IDK what they can do about Flacco.
  20. Maybe every other center in the AFC got the stomach flu?
  21. You're assuming that Oz will draft good replacements... years of Elams and Perrimans have me worried
  22. Apparently Seattle was desperate for someone to let punts roll back to the 5yd line.
  23. Im typically a pessimist but I believe this team is team is a corner/DB away from being decent. Take away 3 blown plays in NYG,NE, and Pit and maybe this team would've won the division. I think that's why Steve is giving Harbs one more year to improve before imploding the team.
  24. Welp its official they're all staying on next season (Harbs,Marty,Pees, and Rosberg)
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