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  1. Wow are we laying an egg... Miami embarrassing themselves to the fullest One nice note, The Ravens D is helping my FF a lot LOL I know it's early but impressive win guys
  2. I don't think it's going to be a blow out either way and I see it going down to the wire. Miami is coming off a six game win streak but in each of those six games they won by a touchdown or less (pretty sure) and also came from behind on a few of them. The key to the Fins is to establish some sort of run game (which will be hard going against the best D and without at least two of our starting OL, could be 3) and for our D to hold Baltimore to field goals instead of TDs. Our secondary is a HUGE ? If I was Baltimore Id attack through the air notably targeting Lippet our second year WR turned CB. He has the large frame and hands but will easily give up yards and isn't good at tackling at all. If Baltimore pass rush can rattle Tannehill early on, it could be a long day for our offense. I still think this game is going to come down to a final drive for either side.
  3. Taking a break from that key lime pie huh ;) I wonder if weather will affect the Fins. We were on the West Coast for two weeks and then home. This is the first time they will potentially be playing in the cold.
  4. The best matchup week 13 with playoff implications on the line. I'm probably more surprised than Craven that my beloved Dolphins have won six in a row and are right there in the playoff hunt. This game is huge for both teams. Your D has been tremendous helping me in FF but is also the reason you guys are in playoff contention. This is a huge test for Miami. Honestly this week favors you. Miamis secondary is not good and our OL is still banged up. Tannehill showed that if you take away the pass he can make plays but that's against a shitty 49ers D. Baltimore will most likely stack the box making Tannehill win the game with his arm.... Against a D like yours this is going to be tough but we shall see! GO FINS!!!
  5. 1...2...Roethlisburger's coming for you...3...4...Better blitz for sure...5...6... Yinz about to be knocked out of the division/playoff race...7...8...The 2016 Ravens are about as overrated as Ricki Lake! But in all honesty, I hope Smith SR plays and West has a great game and the run attack isn't abandoned. I have both on my FF. https://www.google.com/amp/www.behindthesteelcurtain.com/platform/amp/nfl-pittsburgh-steelers-news/2016/11/3/13512456/report-ben-roethlisberger-set-to-start-for-steelers-sunday-vs-ravens-afc-north-rivalry
  6. hahahahaha HE SPIKES IT WITH 2 SECONDS LEFT? wtf??
  7. six touchdown passes for the second consecutive week in a row?
  8. kick him out kick him out kick him out
  9. they sure are wasting a lot of time huh?
  10. Flacco and his unibrow look like a deer in headlights
  11. having a moment of clarity in between those doobies??
  12. must suck being in last place after tonight.. I mean really the Brownies are ahead?
  13. no but seriously this game is over.
  14. Chris Collinsworth is just a hater on the black and gold since they kicked his ass so much.
  15. Go on and say that wasn't a hold either on #72
  16. You must be kidding or your just an idiot!
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