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  1. Well instead of over spending on ebay and letting the price skyrocket. I have a pair I am selling online and if you need more I have 2 more.
  2. Okay now that I know where to post this, then here it is. I have four playoff tickets together in the opposing fans area. If intrested messege me back.
  3. Why thank you for whatever that picture is. Anyways like I said I got extra tickets to the playoff games. Why don't you just messege me and I will tell you where they are, how much, whatever, or if you know anybody looking to buy some and come down here for the game.
  4. I am legit man just seeing if anyone was intrested in buying tickets. I really don't like the ravens but, I respect them and I wouldn't screw someone out of their money.
  5. Please post this in the correct forum. This is NOT it and neither is the gameday thread. This post will be deleted.
  6. I have tickets for sale coming up to the eventual Titans Vs. Ravens Divisonal Playoff Game (Ravens are just owning the Dolphins right now). If intrested please reply.
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