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  1. it's funny how people always count Pittsburgh games as a loss.. haven't we beaten them 4 or 5 times in a row. I'm sure it's 4 times in a row at Pittsburgh
  2. not sure if he was just being a stand up guy or if he was being honest... but Smith said that Int on the deep ball where he stopped was completely his fault. I Liked how Joe talked about how lonely it is being the guy throwing an interception when the offense is moving. Not sure I've ever heard him taking like that.
  3. only to those who thinks he's only in the game to get sacks
  4. but pita has more targets than anyone else on the team. how is that underutilizing a position?
  5. I'd be amazing suprised if the team only won 6 games.
  6. which team was that fan a GM of? I'll always trust Ozzie
  7. pup is a terrible idea. don't pup players practice but can't be active. why waist a chance that he'll get hurt before we get anything from him. Put him out there until he can't play then IR him. He doesn't take a spot on the IR.
  8. Suggs is the highest rated OLB in football, because he does so much more than just rush the passer. He's great against the run.
  9. you have no idea weather Rice would've made either of those first downs and it's not even important actually. The first one was more Pierce fault than the Oline. He shouldn't have gone wide. and I think the second one we got. I have no idea how a play that close wasn't reviewed. he at the very least got back to the line of scrimmage and needing less than a yard, seems it would've been looked at. my point was they stacked the box and Joe picked them apart. even though he was getting pressure and hit, he still had a very solid half.
  10. The fact that we were down our top 2 running backs had a little to do with it also. and talk about how bad the run game was. Joe was 17 for 23 for 180 and a TD. at halftime. if that's the trade off... then go ahead and stack the box
  11. no one thinks what Ray did was right. but this is getting stupid. If he was anything but a football player. he wouldn't have lost close to a million dollars or any days at work. If I was dumb enough to slap or hit my wife and got put in a cell for the weekend. I'm not going to get punished Monday when I get to work.
  12. Thompson is active. I am looking forward to him Brown and Torrey all on the field at once. that's a lot of speed to deal with
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