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  1. Well a perfect example happened this week. I don't know if you're familiar with Chelsea or Arsenal, but those two clubs are the top four teams in the English Premiership. Arsenal was without Robin Van Persie, there main player and captain, and lost 3-0. The other week Tottenham, a very talented club, beat Wigan, a not so talented club, 9-1. I'd say thats a blow out. Suggs is a beast, he draws in double teams all game, and he is held the whole game just like Pryce. Also, our entire defense hasn't been getting to the quarterback this year, so I agree with you there. I don't understand why it has been like that, but last week the defense definitely stepped up. Thats the inconsistency right there, and the thing that frustrates me the most is that we play to the level of our competition.
  2. First of, whats up guys I haven't been on here in a while. Second, I know soccer is a completely different game than football, but this happens all the time in soccer. You go into a game playing a team without their best player and you're expected to win by three goals, blow them out, but you only end up winning by one and its an ugly win. It is extremely hard to win a game at the pro level I can tell you guys that from my experiences. I am actually glad we didn't blow them out because now when we face them week 16, probably with our playoff hopes on the line, we'll know that a half ass performance or an undisciplined performance like we had today, won't cut it. Also, wanted to add, their defense looked amazing today, and we put up 20 points on them, while loosing the TO, TOP, and sacks battle. That's impressive.
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