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  1. Apparently we know now which team Rod Woodson will be representing when he goes into the Hall of Fame. Once a Steeler, always a Steeler.
  2. If you can't beat 'em... squeal and cry that they only won because of the refs! Want me to list all the garbage Arizona got away with? Be glad to if you want.
  3. I think you'd better be worried a little more about what the local Crabtown baseball boys are doing, rather than some other city's players. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/basebal...03.photogallery
  4. 1. Whether he was "overwhelmed" or not isn't the point. It was about his inexperience, which clearly showed in the game. You can be calm and collected, and still make bad decisions. 2. I guess we'll never agree on the Holmes catch. Trust me, the one replay clearly shows the ball inside the middle of the white line. 3. Wait, aren't you the main proponent of the -- what was it you always like to say? -- oh yeah the "last punch rule"? You're not complaining about Ward and any penalties he might provoke are you? Because he's really just following your blueprint for success -- right?
  5. The Parade was fun too. Advice to young Flacco: keep the day job. You'll never make it in the game prediction biz, kid. Wow, the first and only team to snare six Lombardi trophies. Now that's something special.
  6. 1. I have to wonder sometimes if you really watched the game. Flacco's first pick happened when Townsend stepped in front of the receiver, there was no tip. Townsend -- and please read carefully -- baited him, which is what you do to an INEXPERIENCED young QB. How you claim it is possible for a rookie QB's experience level, in a conference championship game, to NOT be an issue is a bit puzzling. 2. Yes, Harrison is a special case -- it was Harrison after all who caused the Ravens to come up with that unbalanced line in the first place. And yes, Harrison does get held more than any other player I've seen, including those on the Steelers. Here's a little piece for you by the way, taken off another site: Satirical perhaps, but then again, satire must have an underlying reality to exist. Dig? 4. Well then, grab your trusty game DVD -- pause at the point where they flash back to Holmes's catch. The ball, from side view, at one point is clearly in the MIDDLE of the white line, meaning it has satisfied one of the two requirements for constituting a touchdown (the other being the WR maintaining possession to completed catch. I compliment your objectivity on the call that went against the Steelers though. 5. Can't argue the second-guy-always-gets-busted thing. Nice job finding a way to bring Ward into it though -- what was that about "oh... now the truth comes out?" or whatever? I'm not arguing Stone cost you big. I'm just pointing out the Steelers had a personal foul that hurt them almost as much. If they hadn't won, it'd be Kemo who'd be in Stone's place.
  7. 1. Then what exactly DID separate Ben and Joe? 2. Finally, the holding on Harrison got so ridiculous even the most glaucomic ref was embarrassed into dropping the flag. Harrison has been a special case -- of all players on the field he's been held the most this year. 3. I'm talking about the first PI call, the second was faceguarding and I have no problem with it. Considering McFadden was BEHIND the WR when the flag was thrown, faceguarding's a pretty unlikely occurrence here. That was just an awful call. 4. Au contraire -- side-view replays clearly show the ball breaking the plane of the end zone (in fact CBS showed the replay during the Championship game in case you missed it), meaning that Holmes need only maintain possession -- in or out of the end zone -- for it to have been a legit TD. Again, one of those rules which seems wrong but that's the rule. Just like Steeler fans would have had to live with the call in the championship game should it have made the difference. I personally felt it was wrong -- Holmes took a good 2 or 3 steps, football moves if you will, and seemed like a case of the ground causing a fumble. The official chose to interpret it otherwise. Oh well. My point was, though, there are entire threads here devoted to teeth-gritting about the call and supposed "conspiracies" to help the Steelers in Week 15. I wonder if there would have been any should the situation have been reversed? 5. Yeah, last punch sure. But the same ref who saw what Kemo did somehow misses the faceful of mask? Hmmm. The Ravens enjoyed the benefit of a personal foul call almost as harmful to the Steelers as the Stone call was. Just saying.
  8. And special mention to this bit: Really? I suppose you were all so cool and detached about rule interpretation after the Holmes call at the end of the second game in Baltimore this season.
  9. Overall OK analysis. However a couple major flaws: I'd say the QB who put up an 84.8 rating, threw no interceptions and made the play of the game to turn a sack into a long TD had just a wee bit more of an impact over the QB who put up a 18.2 rating and tossed three picks, including the game sealer. Particularly on a day when QB number 1 enjoys no run support. Seriously, you're claiming the QB performances were a wash here? Wow. You're implying Flacco's inexperience didn't rear its ugly head finally? Double wow. Don't forget, Ben had about 100 yards worth of dropped passes. If Sweed doesn't have butterfingers, Ben's passing ends this game at halftime. P.S. Saying Flacco was responsible for having his team in a position to win at the end is like saying the weather is responsible for most divorces. Steeler receiver goofs in the first half, combined with the possum gameplan the Steelers came out with in the second had a lot more to do with the Ravens being in this one than Mr. Threepicks. You naturally mentioned the Berger dive earlier, yet ignored an equally egregious call -- the god-awful pass interference on the Steelers' McFadden that gave the Ravens their first TD. Only the most flag-happy dude drops that one. And as for the obvious hold on Gaither, you're saying the officials should've held onto the flag because, after all, they'd been letting the Ravens' OL get away with it all game? Wow. The officials did their part -- including the ridiculous personal foul on the Steelers' Kemoeatu for pushing away a guy who had a handful of his facemask. That one was about as damaging to the Steelers as the Ravens' guy who got called late you're all cursing out now. If not for the call, that shank punt doesn't sting half as much.
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