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  1. sorry to bump this but haven't been on in forever. That's right, Cravn called a cancer survivor an asshole.
  2. Key Undrafted Free Agents: Mike McLaughlin, ILB, Boston College Prince Miller, CB, Georgia Thoughts, blah blah blah, me cracking a joke about how we finally got a Boston College player, just a few years too late, et cetera.
  3. I know who we won't draft. Matt Ryan. Er... sorry, long time no see. Anyways, that's disgusting.
  4. Matt Stover is probably up there with my all time favorite Ravens (oddly enough, Jermaine Lewis is number one, I don't know why). So, I'd miss him
  5. BCEagles


    more like Darrius Hayward Taylor.
  6. You beat UNC, yet you lose to Morgan State Make up your mind!
  7. Cody's been gone for a while. http://walterfootball.com/offseason2009bal.php
  8. I hear C-Mac saves us 8 million. And our cap was $19 million. So, if I know anything about the cap, we've got 27 million?
  9. In Boston till 1913, when it was determined that the College was too big for the South End (That's what she said) But Chestnut Hill isn't actual a town or city, it's a neighborhood that's a combination of Newton, Brighton, and Boston
  10. BOSTON -- Boston College shocked another one of the top Atlantic Coast Conference teams. Reggie Jackson broke the game's final tie with a drive with 47.2 seconds left and the Eagles scored the final six points in an 80-74 victory over No. 6 Duke on Sunday, their first win over the Blue Devils in 24 years. Tyrese Rice had 21 points, including a key 3-pointer, and Joe Trapani added 20 for the Eagles (19-8, 7-5). Jackson finished with 15 points. "We always felt that we had the talent," Boston College coach Al Skinner said. "It's getting them to understand what it takes." It was BC
  11. man. you're music. great. Department of Eagles - No One Does it like you
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