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  1. it just seems so obviously night and day to me. we were completely in control and on a roll until that injury. while he laid on the field we got deflated and struggled since. now we are back to where we were in the first 3.25 games (when we were at the top of everyone's power rankings) and look unstoppable again.
  2. I've been shocked that more has not been said about the fact that the exact moment the wheels came off our team was when Gaither went down. Without him, we are a good team that can contend with anyone, but has to struggle. With him, I believe we are the best team in the NFL.
  3. hope the hire him. one less team to take Rex away
  4. i didn't like seeing Reed hobble after that interception. hope he's ok...
  5. Does Wilcox even know the rules? He gets a penalty on every single return.
  6. Our intimidating, dominating style of defense has either caused or at least revealed the end of some pretty illustrious careers. I would argue that on Sunday, we caused the beginning of the end for both Donovan Mcnabb and Andy Reid. The first other one that I can recall is the hit Ray Lewis laid on Eddie George after which George was never the same player. What others can you think of?
  7. i ended up watching on justin.tv as well. was pretty funny towards the end when the guys who were broadcasting it (clearly eagles fans) started cursing and yelling.
  8. LOL. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that was a "keep your heads up" clap, but that definitely did not look good.
  9. compare that shot to the head to the phantom Suggs penalty in the Titans game...
  10. remember when people were hoping we would pick up Mcnabb?
  11. i am so glad andy reid isn't our coach
  12. looks like i can't use it with my Mac. Thanks anyway.
  13. Anyone know how I can watch the Eagles game online?
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