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  1. Thanks for your input man, I am just trying to get a good feel for what we may be getting. My hope is that he has one more burst of outstanding play for our regular season of 7 games left and througout the playoffs as depth, because if our strting corners are healthy we'll be fine. I am just hoping he can give us some good spot play in the mean time in between time. Once again thanks!
  2. I don't know how true it is but from what we are hearing down here he could have signed with someone at the beginning of the year but chose not to because he wanted to be fully healthy before he returned. We are hearing he was a full-go 3 weeks ago and was cleared by his doctor to play. He is here to play corner so what would you think he would give us. Did you have a problem with his play the last few years when he wasn't injured. Do you think he is done as a player or is he a player that might have some juice kinda how the Saints got in signing Darren Sharper at FS though of course Chris is
  3. Ravens fans how much do you think Chris McAllister has to offer at this point in his career. We don't necessarilly need him as a full-time starter but part-time until we get our normal starters healthy. In your estimate how did he play in the games he played last year before injury and what should I expect now that he is supposedly fully healed from his knee surgery. Fill me in if you can and give me the 411 as to where you expect Chris is as a player now, I know he was a baller when healthy.
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