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  1. Yeah D, retired firm the Army in 2012, and got a job in Michigan. Almost landed in Southeast PA, but didn't happen. It still might be a while before I get season tickets.
  2. Agree, except the secondary will be our downfall this year. Injuries happen, but letting Corey Graham go is going to haunt us. Elam can't cover himself with a blanket. Hell, they might have to sign someone off the street this week.
  3. Butler might be the best trade bait. Ravens need CBs and maybe a TE
  4. Greetings From a Raven Fan that is overseas again, tonight should be an great game To those going to the game, show the country what M&T sounds like when it is rocking. That seven nation army chant in week one was crazy. Have fun, wish I was there
  5. I am confident in a Raven win. The Ravens are a little banged up, but the stealers have been really hit hard with injuries. If, and I feel when, they fall behind they will become one dimensional and their offensive line will not be able to protect Ben. The game will close up to halftime, and the Ravens will pull away. I even see a Rolisburger not even finishing the game
  6. I just don't see Batch beating the Ravens. Run defence will be back with a force. This might even not be close, it could turn into a rout early
  7. What is the deal with this blackout stuff I been reading? Are we as fans going to wear black and wave black towels? Not a big fan of the towel waving, but will bow down to peer pressure. I am packing my bag and will be traveling to Bmore in the AM for the game Sunday where I plan to completely lose my voice
  8. I just got my tickets in the mail today for the Cleveland game. Hell yeah, I am stoked. I only get to go a game once every few years. 1. This might be the wrong forum for this topic 2. You might not care Don’t matter I am a happy Raven camper
  9. As I was watching a few games yesterday, the Stealer and Bengals games, I heard how the Stealers and pats have won like 7 openings games. I thought that was a good stat and wanted to look into in The Stealer's 7 of the 8 last season openers have been at home Compared 2 of the last 9 for the Ravens We start this year with two road games against playoff teams Seems a bit odd And another thing that irks me Last year we played Green Bay and Minnesota away, easily the two best teams in that conference The Stealers got them at home This year, we play the Pats and Jets away The Stealers get them
  10. I am with Max here. Hopefully a servicable safety gets cut today or we might get stuck with Hamlin. He seemm not to like contact, a bad vice for a safety
  11. Anybody know when they will go on sale?
  12. Ivy is terrible. Even a nickle, he will chase Miller or any other player all day playing tag. Ben will have a huge game
  13. The yankees, are you kidding me! I was hoping he would go to Nats, if not us As a St Joe grad, I am really, really disappointed
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