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  1. Thanks Crav, glad to be back. How long have you been in FL? I was in Orlando w/wife, daughter for spring break; BRRRRrrrr!
  2. "For the moment...; only for the moment" [J. Torrance]
  3. Oh well, I did it again... sorry! anyway, back again. Not gonna explain this one, just happy the sight is still up; thanks for the reminder emails welcoming me back. Go Ravens!
  4. And he's the winner! And, who 'cares about character' when he's an obvious fit for the rehab-locker-room of Lewis-Reed, so sayeth Michael Irvin? Anyway I like the pick by need, then by talent, then by attitude. He kinda fits all around.
  5. I like the Jimmy Smith pick; also it might karma-wise counter-act some years of getting burned by the Jax receiver of the same name.
  6. I'd like to think that the next two weeks will tell us what we need to know about this team, but even then it's early. I just worry about the bottom of the rotation; who's going to be able to round out the rotation? And Gregg scares me a bit.
  7. No long stretch run through a gauntlet of playoff-caliber teams; that is pretty big IMO. The schedule is ranked as weak based on last year's records, although really you never know in the NFL how that translates year to year. I would expect SD to be better than last year, and probably the whole NFC west also will improve. And still dealing with Indy and the Jets, I'd say the ravens will have plenty on their plate to keep them on edge.
  8. It is good to see Vlad and Lee going deep, we need that to offer the protection to the others behind them; our rotation is still challenged until Guthrie and Matusz are back. but I'm hoping the o's can pull this one out and move us to 5-1 before the Rangers come in, they kick our asses alot. Verlander and Penny have definitely made us look mediocre.
  9. Maybe Wilbon just missed the boat; really most reactions I've seen/heard were a la kornheiser's (pti but I hate that guy btw) and yeah, if you don't think about the last 3rd of last season, the 4-game start is certainly an anomaly worthy of disdain. but for those who've watched, it's a continuation, really an actualization, of the mission Buck set forth on his arrival. I've only heard, other than positives, casual non-acknowledgements of the start, keeping the O's in the continual "unsatisfactory" column. but most pundits appear to be looking asmirk and an eye-brow raised at the seemingly u
  10. The pitchers are feeding off each other. The hitters are feeding off each other. The fielders are fielding for each other. Goodness abounds. btw Wieters is doing well!
  11. Dudes, whatever; he was great in Good Advice, and Hot shots. and those were some of his shitty roles. Who cares if he's a screwball, his father had a friggin heart attack during the filming of Apocalypse Now and yeah sometimes you get some kooks in film and tv. whatever. he's a product of hollywood. take it as is.
  12. I hear ya; I guess Reimold's not far. Not sure what we have left to come in if Guthrie's lost, but either Buck's not concerned or keeping his ace in the hole, judging by the post-game interview; he had poker face.
  13. Another nice win; aggressive solid pitching; timely hitting (BRobs!); the formula working again. The press conferences show a team in control, players not saying too much; Buck showed a cool hand saying he'd give his team time to transition to home territory, meaning managing the physical move to homes in the area. Classy move and this guy has the good way of dealing with media. Hopefully Guthrie will pass for Wednesday, but you get the feeling they can manage if he can't. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 24 hours, but for now it has been fun. various pundits on radi
  14. This was a great way to start the year; obviously way too early, but the "good starting pitching, solid defense, timely hitting" mantra is exactly what we had. Except that sometimes the pitching, or defense were even great; the hitting of course was ultimately timely. I was impressed with Reynolds and Hardy on both sides of the coin; it seems like the infield has already gelled, and the pitchers are feeding off of each other. Uehara looked good too. They gave up 3 runs and 12 hits this series. How many times in recent years have they given away more runs and hits than that in ONE game? t
  15. Guthrie had a great start, 8 shutout innings, changed speeds well, pretty confident against a 'stacked' lineup; then Johnson gives up the 1st pitch dinger. jeesh. anyway nice clutch hitting, good for Markakis and Roberts to get set, as well for Guerrero and Hardy. good defense. Overall I like the way the pitching handled longoria, manny, etc. for TB, good win.
  16. Qadafi khadajfi QhAdhafhi Quaduafi khadphi QKAddaphphei kaadaafii ... ... remember that :P
  17. not NIT worthy. sigh. Kind of a snub, but considering all the other snub-worthy talent out there (like the Hokies), not much surprise the Terps are really home for spring. edit: really though, one or two wins this year vs. VT or BC would have helped the twerps immensely, instead they go O-for and also lose other key low-level conference games as well as not register any key out-of-conference games, so they are rightly denounced this year. Garyland is spoiled.
  18. lol have you read 1984? Orwell posits the balancing of disposable resources internally by continual warfare to eliminate the need for conquerable external enemies and thereby ultimately keep everybody in check. It's complicated, but the war on drugs is a great example of something that fits the model he foresaw.
  19. dude it can be done somewhat generically but some services are just better (see my earlier post) basically, noone (including myself) could get any service at all outside of some providers (t-mobile and another i can't remember) and like in extending-range setting, my phone continually searches for signal, thus draining the battery so that every day I have to recharge at the end of classes to leave with a charged phone. f***ing ridiculous
  20. shit my principal put a jamming device in my closet at work to knockout the range of phones within 50 ft. totally illegal, but it still didn't stop t-mobile, them bitches; drugs and sexting and coordinated violence persists... btw I don't want to, but will casually comment on the disgusting characters I have to deal with from time to time, the city provides many such pictures as have been put up already; but imagine having them into your classroom to talk to you about their kid's 'work', or better yet how you can't get hold of them at all because they're dead or elsewhere while their progeny
  21. Just in time to start pitching, send some kick-back home, eh? I wonder who's got him on a string.
  22. Well, now more than ever this season, Terps need this road win... vs. Hokies, pt. 2...
  23. Thanks Spen, I did, I was fine this morning, totally clear, after even one round of the meds; I took the second round anyway today per Doc's orders, he said if I was okay I could drop the routine after another day. The African bird's eye pepper (peri-peri) rates in the same class as the Habanero and Scottish bonnet peppers on the Scoville scale of piquance, according to the sources I've checked (around 100,000-350,000 heat units).
  24. I didn't have any kind of internal inflammation or localized swelling around the mouth or throat, no breathing problems, just serious epidermal irritation. We carry an epi for our daughter who has nut allergies, so we would've been okay if it really got to that point, but it wasn't that type of reaction. Just the peppers trying to work their way out through my skin I guess. But I've never had any reaction even remotely that bad from foods before.
  25. millz58

    Super Bowl

    Dude, the first steelers SB loss was in '95 when they had O'Donnell QB. They were 4-0 before then; they're 6-2 now in SB. I don't hate on the Steelers like most do, probably because I lived in Pittsburgh as a young kid from '78-'80. I am a Ravens fan, but moreso first a football, nay, NFL fan. So, I keep things in perspective. here is my perspective: THE RAVENS WILL NEVER GAIN TRUE REPSPECT UNTIL THEY BEAT PITTSBURGH IN THEIR HOUSE IN THE PLAYOFFS that is all.
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