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    Nick Boyle

    I heard, in a podcast prior to the draft, that he aside from being mostly a blocking TE is a great long snapper. I could see that being of interest given the injuries that occured at that position last year. This also begs the question, if you 3rd TE can long snap and say one of your backup interior OL, do you actually need a dedicated long snapper on the active roster or could you save that roster spot?
  2. There are a few things in this draft that scare me, but otherwise it seems fairly good. I don't like first round picks with injury histories. Now he did play through most, if not all, of them, to his credit but still. The TE, Crockett Gillmore, to me seems similar to Quinn Sypniewski who the Ravens drafted in the 5th round. So drafting Gillmore in the 3rd seems like reaching by at least one round, but it is impossible in hindsight to tell whether he would have lasted another round or not. At the press conference after the draft when talking about the RB Lorenzo Taliaferro, his best attri
  3. If you need a reference guide to actual market prices for various procedures, this is the clinic they are talking about. I hope he gets well soon.
  4. I think they will be picking a NT early in the draft. How did that UDFA NT pan out who was cut by the Ravens before the season and claimed by the Browns? Anybody know?
  5. SF posted a shutout against the Falcons in the second half despite Roddy White and Julio Jones. Half time adjustments strike me as very important, both on offense and defense.
  6. Sorry, but I don't believe that. I do however believe that Newsome has to say that publicly. There has just been too much smoke in the past, not the least Biscotti's comment about liking Cam under fire.
  7. Just as I said. The curse is worth millions.
  8. WoW! WoW! WoW! And Williams of all people, goat of the season for many.
  9. Offense is not looking good. Hopefully they will wake up eventually.
  10. Ravens go 3 and out on O. NE score 3 on a FG. ...
  11. Patriots in a *** I'm stupid for thinking this game is easy ***
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