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  1. We got a taster of it last night during the skins game. Just as i thought, looks a good show but not worth losing one of our live games for.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yeah i think it sounds like a good show but not too sure about losing a live game for it. Think i would like it better if it was on another station so as you said i could flick between the live game and redzone. But as Sky are the only station that show football on a Sunday we're just going to have to live with it. Any way not to worry too much at least the Ravens are on MNF this week so ill get to see the whole game for only the 4th time this season. Might not get a chance to see another live Ravens game till the Superbowl
  3. Hi everyone, greetings from Scotland. Iv got a quick question, here in the U.K we get 2 football games live on a Sunday evening. First one kicks off at 6pm and the second starts at 9.15pm. Both games are broadcast by Sky sports. As of next week we are losing the 6 o'clock game and in its place they are showing NFL redzone which to me sounds like a glorified highlights program, i'd much rather watch a full live game. So id love to here your views on this show. Is it any good? Is it popular in the U.S? If you were in our position would you be happy to watch this and lose a live game? Bearing in mind we also get SNF and MNF which both kick off at 01:30 am on a Monday and Tuesday morning over here, so the early Sunday games are realy our only chance to watch live Football. Any info, thoughts or opinions grately appreciated.
  4. "Right you've had your fun, now put your jersey and helmet on thr right way round."
  5. Good luck to the U.S.A tonight. There will be an extra 5 million people in Scotland cheering yous on. Its a pitty we're not there, but now we're cheering on A.B.E (Anyone but England)
  6. Thanks vmax, yeah things are looking good this year. I like the look of the recieving core, a few good targets there. What do you think of the way the draft turned out? Got to admit this is the first year iv really taken an interest in the draft, mainly because i only really started watching college football last year. There for i can appriciate who the guys are and how they got to the level that they're at. In the past i think the importance of the draft passed me by a bit. Just out of interest, do a lot of football fans travel to away games in the U.S? Over here we go to all the away football (soccer) games. However you can just about fit Scotland on the back of a beer mat (longest journey is a 6 hour round trip)so its not much of a comparison.
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    Hi guys, just signed up to your site. Thought i would introduce myself. Even though i've been watching football over here in Scotland, UK, since i was a kid, I've never really been able to settle on a team to support. However over the last few years i've been getting drawn more and more to the Ravens. Not sure why this has happened, think i just like the style of play and attitude of the players, plus yous fans always look crazy and as if yous are having a good time. From this day forward i now officialy declare myself a Ravens fan. So next time yous are at the game just think of me sitting miles away over here watching on Sky Sports or hunched over my laptop trying to find a decent stream of the game. ESPN have just announced that Monday night footballs returning to our screens in the uk after a year away so looking forward to seeing the Jets game.
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