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  1. From a business perspective, the FO and Harbaugh had a solid backup who played cheap, always got positive yardage, never took a solid hit, constantly beat down competition for his backup job, and never complained about not getting an opportunity to showcase his talents by running the first unit. But that's all neither here nor there as we had an opportunity to pick up better talent for the $$$contract Schaub managed to wrangle out of Ravens management. I would feel a little more secure with either Christian Ponder, Colt McCoy, Josh McCown, Brian Hoyer, Tavaris Jackson, Ryan Mallet, Jake Locker or my personal favorite, ex Maryland QB Shaun Hill as a backup and potential starter in case of a Flacco injury.
  2. Oh, I understand the thinking that went behind this signing. What I don't understand is this gamble and this kind of paycheck for what amounts to severely damaged goods. Keeping Tyrod Taylor for less money or resigning Kyle Boller right off the street would have made more sense.
  3. What are you? A hausfrau, a soccer mom, or a 14 year old girl? Hint: If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. If this is all too much for your oh so delicate sensibilities - just go away. Your ground shaking contributions won't be missed at all. Begone.
  4. Sorry 82, but bad insurance is bad insurance. It is what it is. 31 other NFL teams know this - why not us. And please don't bring up Mark Bulger. He was a disaster in waiting, immobile, shot QB who, fortunately for us, never saw the field. Flacco is a lot older than he was during the Bulger backup year. Joe Flacco is likely much more vulnerable than he was back then. Why oh why would you bring in a dirtball Turn Over King as backup and potential starter? That's waaaaaay too much of a gamble.
  5. Oooooooooo. You took a vacation then came back with nada - bupkus - nothing. You shoulda come back with something - anything about Schaub, but naaaaaw, that was too much to ask.... apparently some things will never change. You need another vacation.
  6. That's the dumbest response I've ever read. Even the pitiful Raiders refused to keep Schaub on their roster. Why would we sign this bum to a 4 million dollar contract? You'd better hope and pray Flacco does not get injured this year for it will surely be curtains for a winning Ravens season.
  7. When there's no rebuttal there's no argument.
  8. He's the 2 million dollar Turn Over King. Do you have confidence in a 2 million dollar INT machine?
  9. He's a Turn over King. Do you have confidence in a 4 million dollar INT machine?
  10. Understood, but that in no way excuses Schaub from being the Turnover King he's been for the last few years.
  11. Don't care what Quadry Ismael says, that statement doesn't explain Schaub's INT's in his last days as a Texan and his disastrous tour of duty in Oakland. Receiver not being aggressive and going for the ball? That's a pretty lame excuse.
  12. Still not convinced Schaub is the guy to run this offense in the case of a Flacco injury. I look at his body of work over the last few years and Thursdays' so so performance against the NFL's 31st worst defense as evidence. For the money he's being paid ( 4 million ), Schaub should have scorched the N.O. secondary instead of the dink and dunk show show we all witnessed.
  13. Correction: ( 1 ) Play action is as old as single wing formations, double wing formations, and leather helmets with no face guards. ( 2 ) Pure pocket passers are a thing of the past. Mobile QB's are trending.
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