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  1. Source: Preston Article Regarding my Sig - Yes, our Church runs the Sandtown Habitat for Humanity affiliate. To date we've rehabbed over 280 homes here for low income first time home buyers.
  2. Harbaugh brings nothing to the table offensively. He has no history or experience except for special teams. At least now we know why we didn't make it to Dallas though: Thanks for nothing Zorn. What, it wasn't enough you were a total screw up in DC that you needed to come up 95 and F with us too. Hit the road Jack.
  3. Don't expect things to change people. Harbaugh is just continuing what he learned during his time in Philly, namely to always contend but never win. Andy Reid taught him well. Likewise Cameron has the same history while Mattison has none, at least not at the pro level. Who exactly on this coaching staff is going to make these guys into winners when history shows they themselves have always been losers. We saw something we've never seen before this year, a Ravens team that tanks...over and over again. If that's what "play like a Raven" means Coach Harbaugh, no thanks.
  4. As Mayock showed on NFL network last night, a lot of it is on Flacco. Guys were open and he sat back there patting the ball until the pocket collapsed. He also pointed out his staring down receivers and not looking down field when flushed out of the pocket. Flacco is a good QB only when he has a perfect pocket to throw from or when he sees a blitz ahead of time and is forced to throw quickly removing the need for reading the coverage and making a decision. But it's not all on Flacco. There were other times when the WR's looked like they weren't even trying to get any separation, almost like th
  5. "The Ravens think they may have lost long-snapper Morgan Cox for the season with a knee injury. Also, linebacker Tavares Gooden dislocated his left shoulder for the second time this season and tight end Dennis Pitta suffered his second concussion of the season."
  6. No, Harbaugh needs to be the one tucking his tail.
  7. Saw it again last night. Mason did a curl to the outside and slow Joe took so long to get rid of the ball the DB almost had time to recover after being faked out of his shoes by Mason. Also saw Boldin glaring at Flacco to the point where Harbaugh pulled Boldin up when he came to the sideline. And then there was the forced pass to Boldin on 3rd and 2. Finally, the whole coaching staff ought to be fired for thinking Oher could move to LT and f'ing with Gaither's head the way they did. Yea coach, we are who we are...because of decisions you've made.
  8. That's exactly my point and I don't know if Flacco will ever get beyond it for two reasons: 1. He has a slow release mechanically. 2. He has a slow release mentally. Time will tell. But when you combine the above with an average OLine, the results are bound to be disappointing.
  9. "Maybe on message boards he doesn't seem to get blamed, but at the stadium he gets way more than his fair share." Flacco gets heat from the fans at the stadium because they can see what we often cannot on TV...open receivers. Like Harbaugh has said when play calling is questioned, "the receivers are open". Don't let the numbers fool you, were it not for yards after catch (particularly with Rice)...Flacco's stats wouldn't look nearly as good. Right now everyone on the team is protecting "Slow" Joe but frustration is mounting and it's gonna blow one of these days.
  10. Trade bait - Bingo. Anyone see DWill catch the ball and run out of bounds for a one yard gain. There was no one around him!
  11. I would think the Bengals are the team to beat in the AFCN this season.
  12. ...“There is no need for any micro-fracture surgery at this point,” General Manager Ozzie Newsome simply stated late Friday night when asked about the newest Raven...“I think we have probably one of the most conservative medical staffs in the League,” Newsome explained. “And there are a lot of players that have gotten drafted today and yesterday that we couldn’t have drafted. When they give us a medical grade, they are in the 98 and 99 percentile.” Link
  13. Or it's like what we see a lot of in my neighborhood...thugs with badges abusing their authority.
  14. Oh baloney! That ball was so under thrown it was ridiculous. Not only that but it had very little air under it for anyone to be able to come back to it. Flacco sucked tonight, as did the entire team, period. Of his 20 completions 9 were dumps to Rice that on a couple occasions almost got Rice killed.
  15. Yea, a cheap trick that is among the sack leaders year in and year out. And a perennial pro bowler. Give me a break!
  16. Arizona needs a defense. Trade Suggs for Boldin. Oh, and take away his dump offs to Ray Rice before you talk about Flacco's improvement this year.
  17. I think he's hurt as well Max. His release is even different than in the early part of the season. I wouldn't be surprised to find out he's got a shoulder problem that either he, or the team, has been keeping quiet.
  18. Now about our receivers: DWill is simply not a football player and needs to go. Clayton is mediocre at best. I'd let him go too. Mason cannot be your number one or you are in trouble. Don't even know if he'll be back however. Washington isn't a bad possession receiver but he's not going to scare anyone. Here's the problem. Typically a drafted WR takes a few years to develop unless he's a freak. We're not going to draft high enough to get one of those even if he is in this year's draft. What's left if you need immediate help? Trade FA?
  19. Hit them!! He couldn't hit a wide open Mason in the endzone!! And that's not just tonight either. Half the time he doesn't even see the open receiver. On one occasion tonight he threw to an underneath receiver on a crossing route and was almost picked. Looking at the replay you can see Heap wide open further down the field with no one between him and the endzone. You want to beat Flacco, play zone he can't deal with it, not yet. The guy pats the ball, throws late, and has shown some real accuracy issues this year. The Colts could have easily had a couple more picks tonight. I hope it's because
  20. At this point I'd have to say we don't have an NFL caliber QB either. Sorry but Flacco has looked like shit for the entire second half of the season. Joe cool? More like Joe zombie.
  21. I would think that given the athletic, but smallish, D of the Colts we would pound them by running right at them. Only going up top when when they overcommit to stopping the run with play action. No rocket science here, just using your size and strength advantage to beat a smaller opponent into submission. The only way they stop us is if we stop ourselves via penalties and/or turnovers. On D, keep it in front of you. When their receivers make a catch, and they will, make them pay in pain. Get in their heads so that they equate catching the ball with getting their bell rung. Pressuring Mannin
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