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  1. I can't decide if Joe is the problem or if Cameron is the problem. All i know is way too many weapons on this offense, too play this inconsistent and poor. Sometimes I thinks it's Joe, the other I think are Cameron. Is Cameron protecting flacco or is he keeping him on a leash? Does Cameron make Joe look better than he is with his schemes?
  2. I just don't see us losing to this team. You shade reed over on AJ and have wilson cover short. Carr can cover walter. Foster is the key in this game, gotta shut him down so that patented Schaub PA doesn't hurt us. On offense, contain Mario - Rice will prolly have a monster game. Ravens win 30-17
  3. Forgot to add in the vanilla playcalls from the 5 yd line. Two fades? When has flacco ever thrown a touch fade for a td. NEVER!!!! Play to strenghts - capitalize when you get the opportunity. PITT does and thats why were 2nd best once again in the division.
  4. This game is on Cam Cameron. You play not lose the entire 2nd half and what happens you still lose it on the fumble. Once we lose the lead you get one chance to put up pts and can't convert. Open up the DAMN playbook. Too many weapons on this offense to only put up 10 pts at home. Same thing happened at NE. Cameron is the reasons for these heartbreaking losses.
  5. Ray never answers questions, he just babbles about God. Great football player, weird as hell person.
  6. I think you have to relax...everyone is too emotional right now. This team has been hyped to much and it's killing all us fans to not see a machine blow every opponent out of the water. Fact is - this is the NFL, notin comes easy. We have had one of the toughest schedules in the league, shown flashes of brillance on both sides of the ball and not once been considered out of the game. You find me one team that is playing like a Super Bowl Contender and I will give you reasons why they aren't. Sit back and enjoy, we could be the bills, bengals, panthers, etc.
  7. Troy had a rough one today. Seemed like he was running for his life most of the game. Was sacked 6 times.
  8. Wrong...nice to see him doing well. Good luck Troy. Few on these message boards gave you a chance for some reason, but I wish you well. Side note, as a Raven fan i'm very happy to have Joe Flacco.
  9. I was at the game also. As much as I want to blame the defense in this game...the offense in the first half was abysmal (particularly the Oline). If they could have put together any type of drive, we would have win this game. Falcons offense was in rhythm the whole first half, they are a top offense. Yes, our D could have played better especially on 3rd down, but they kept us in the game. Our defense isn't dominant like it usually is, but it will always keep us in games. The offense needed to put up more pts in this game, reminded me alot of the Minny game last yr. Playcalling was awfu
  10. Don't give up on Kruger yet, he has a motor just needs some technique. Reminds me alot of Justin Smith - I think he will be a late bloomer.
  11. Were going to run the ball and be PA alot more... I don't mind the pick b/c i know pitta is a good player. We still need to get a cb though.
  12. Pick already in....we got who we wanted. Side note, Faneca is going to be released...that is interesting.
  13. they better not take ansah...they are going DE...
  14. And they traded Kirk Morrison to trade up.
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