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  1. I hate his face, cheap hits, and his "pull the corner's facemask down as I run by"-route far too much.
  2. I like the guy's persona since I've never met him. To get injured and cheered as I was taken off the field and still had nothing bad to say about Baltimore (publicly at least) says a lot about character.
  3. Watch out, Jamal. Mangini will make you run full-contact drills without pads against a full-pad defense.
  4. I'm hopeful. This feels like our first good Monday Night Matchup in years. It seems like it's against the Colts, Patriots, or the Steelers in Pittsburgh.
  5. I could never see myself rooting for the Steelers unless they were playing a team that we needed to lose in order to make it into the playoffs. The Steelers could be 0-15 playing the 15-0 Patriots and I'd still want the Steelers to get the crap kicked out of them.
  6. Maybe he left his lunchbox in the frig.
  7. I understand your need to vent but remember that there Boller and Flacco should not even be mentioned in the same paragraph. The Steelers figured out (in the first game) that Flacco looks to Derrick Mason when under pressure. Notice, his first two INT's were intended for Mason. He's done exceptionally well for someone with little NFL experience in the playoffs. Just wait... ... and the offseason begins
  8. Frank Walker was surprising considering that during the first 8 games, he was borderline horrible. As for Ray Rice, he's probably more of a Westbrook-type runner but he really hasn't had many chances between the tackles yet.
  9. I'm hoping that the Ravens return with the fire that seemed to be missing last week. Also, I'm seriously hoping that Frank Walker and the rest of our defensive backfield stops the Steelers short passing game especially on third down. If the Ravens can do those two things: Ravens 24 Steelers 14
  10. With the way Corey Ivy has been playing... both are staying.
  11. I think that many of Big Ben's sacks come from the fact that he holds on ball too long looking for a big play that isn't there.
  12. He's just as pissy as the rest of those Rust-Belt retards. Seriously? Your fans wave a stupid towel in someone's face in someone else's stadium with hopes of affecting the team on the field and the fans in the stands. Come on, you can't honestly feel that nobody has the right to abuse a towel. You would've thought they had ripped a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live or something. The Titans' timing wasn't the best but the act was fine in my book.
  13. As long as it starts after December 1.
  14. The Pats face the Cards at home and Buffalo... they should finish out 11-5. C'mon, man! It's the holidays!
  15. I saw in the hotel in Cincy. He was walking like Tonya Harding got him.
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