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  1. Yeah, I'm almost shocked by that number. Denver looked good last week.
  2. Favorites or underdogs? Denver is 2-0, but both games were at home. They only have a difference of +4 in the standings, while the Ravens are +33. I know it was because of the Buffalo game. We'll know tomorrow, but I'm going to guess it's close; Ravens by 1 or 2.
  3. I just feel that if they try the 2 point conversion, that you should have full confidence that you will score. 33% is abysmal.
  4. How long has he been out of this league? I don't know that this would be a wise move. He is a head case and can hurt a good locker room.
  5. I think I can speak for many Raven fans on this. When the Ravens want two and line up, we lose the extra point. We hardly ever win that contest. And one other thing. Did you notice that on 3rd and short (1 or 2 yards ) that we threw the ball? Why not trust your backs to run that thing in there?
  6. 82- Luckily, we play Denver at home this week. Pittsburgh is after that away.
  7. I knew when this game started that Joe was not going to be the same Joe we saw last week vs. Buffalo. He had "the fear look" in his eyes. Last week, we came out hard on play action by Joe. Against Cincy, it was all drop back and hunt for a receiver. Anyway, Cincy looked unbeatable last night. It was very hard to watch. And yes, what the hell went wrong with our defense?
  8. My biggest worry now is C.J. Looks like this could be a serious knee injury. ACL? Man I hope not.
  9. Papa- you said, "let's wait to next week". Thanks for knocking me back into reality. I guess I needed that wake up call.
  10. I've always liked this guy, except for his inability to stay healthy. I agree with you, bring either one of these guys up. How long is Dixon going to be out?
  11. Yeah, think they were good on Sunday? Wait until Hayden Hurst comes back. WOW, I'm liking what I see!
  12. 11-5 (or better) Sorry to disappoint you Papa. I know how much you dislike them.
  13. So what did you think of all of these three today? I'd say they are all going to be playmakers for Joe. Not to mention these two tight ends, Andrews and the 1st rounder. This team is now built to score alot this season.
  14. I'll bet they already have, Bud.
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