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  1. So I'll say it, what about Marvin coming back for DC if Wink goes bye bye?
  2. Been 5 years or so but Im Back. If Wink get a HC gig who would be a good replacement?
  3. As always, the offense will only do well if Flacco is comfortable. By that I mean he needs to be able to surevy the field and not feel ( real or perceived) threatened or rushed or under pressure. We have the receivers to be successful, with or without Perriman, IMO. That said, a helluva lot hinges upon the rooke LT playing
  4. ....chance of a Perriman sighting in a real NFL game????? I put it at 50/50.
  5. hey Crav, any day above ground's a good one ya know? any other oldies from 2000 or so on this forum?
  6. The rivalry the bengals try to have with steelers is one of punkass BS gangsta wanna-be's who haven't won a playoff game in 25 years. The rivalry between the Ravens and Steelers is more physical without the gangsta wanna-be bengals loser franchise mentality where they are craving elite status like Ravens Steelers franchises have.. Silly bengals
  7. Now Pees, unleash the dogs. No Prevent defense.....
  8. I say keep throwing it deep to Torrey , Smith and Jones. The stealers DB's are worse than ours.
  9. OK, defense was on the field for 22 minutes in first half. Kubiak needs to get creative and control the freekin' clock in second half.
  10. especially up the middle from McPhee and Jernigan. This will flush Brees outside into the waiting arms of Doom and Sizzle.
  11. Good, Cravn. See you're still sassy as hell ( as it should be). Didn't ya just LOVE another bungles one & done after all their elite chatter?
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