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  1. Guys... if any of you happen to be in Austin, TEXAS on Game Days, we have an unofficial Nest here- Ravens Nest 512. I founded it in 2008 at The Tavern in downtown Austin. Well, who knew there were so many Ravens fans here? By this year, we had outgrown The Tavern and trying to shoehorn 30-35 fans into a small area. Last week, we moved the Nest to Upper Decks in downtown Austin, on Barton Springs. They were told to expect roughly 40 Ravens fans on Sunday. Upper Decks figured that meant 20-25 fans. Forty-eight... 48!!!!... of us showed up. So if you are in Austin during the season, join us at Upper Deckjs. COme early, stay late, wear purple and BE LOUD.
  2. If there are any Ravens fans in Austin (aside from the 40-50 we already have), join us on Game Day at The Tavern, located at 12th & Lamar. We call ourselves Ravens Nest 512 (the "512" is the area code for Austin). We are the largest Ravens gathering in Austin, (and possibly all of Texas) and the owners of The Tavern have reserved half of the upstairs area for ... just us. They even installed three big-screen TVs in our area and let us fly Ravens flags from the front balcony overlooking the main street. Come early, stay late, wear purple and be LOUD. Cordially, Texan Raven Ravens Nest 512 Austin, Texas
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