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  1. 1. Who do you think you're kidding.....You couldn't keep that pie hole shut if you had to.... 2. And I don't know if you're gay or not, but you do give off a feminine disposition, so you tell us... 3. The reason I control you is because I am a puppet master and you are a puppet.... 4. This isn't a 5th grade playground, so quit acting like a 5th grade geek ..... Now I said dance, puppet boy !!!!.....snicker...
  2. And butt buddy 2, better known as the coward of the county.....One thing is for sure, you have no Indian in you, only Fairy Dust.... Meeeeeow Meeeeeow.......hahahahahahahahahehehehehehohohoho....Soooo easy !!!!
  3. Did that pizza delivery guy bring your girlfriend back yet, or is she still waiting for you to stand up for her ???? Poor girl, if she only knew......Come out, come out, wherever you are !!!! Bwahahahaha Cowards Lounge......ROTFL
  4. No surprise, the chief butt buddy shows up first with another of his feminine views.....You need to click your heals Dorothy, this is the real world, not a make believe tv show, and there is and will always be things that offend in one way or another.....You are the biggest phony on here with your I don't think we should say anything to offend someone yet all you do is follow me around like a puppy dog trying your best to offend me.... Problem is, I know a wus when I encounter one, and you are nothing more than another coward hiding behind your facade of being some moral saint...... You're about as righteous as a pile of cow dung.....Have a nice day, puppet boy.....snicker !!!!
  5. I would like to see him change the name to the "Washington Savages", or the "Washington Scalphunters" and see if they like that better. Heck, just call them the "Washington Whiteskins" and you'll never hear a peep out of anyone..... So ridiculous it's laughable, they might want to look in the mirror and see that they do have red skin, what are they ashamed of their color or their heritage ? And before the 3 butt buddies chime in, I am 1/4 Cherokee Indian, so save it for the crapper....
  6. Awe you are a baaad little guy, you are.....Go on with your bad self, Jr.....ROTFL at the little fool... Epitome of a COWARD......ticket sales anyone...snicker !!
  7. What a guy, you always have your idol's back..... Bwaahahaha....breathe deep little buddy..ROTFL at your sorry little coward butt....
  8. Finally, someone with a comment on subject !!!! Pay Attention you Meatheads and learn a thing ....
  9. Never heard of such a thing.....But I'm sure many successful coaches have said things they regret, that doesn't define their over all body of work. He's got the ring, and bragging rights to the greatest D of all time and a 2000 + yard RB .....Along with the money he got paid anyway..... He was a bit stubborn in his ways but he was a good HC.....
  10. It looks like he's been hanging out with Favre, BG......I'm in I'm out, I'm up I'm down, I do I don't..... Wait a minute, let me think about it....lol He would have just been depth anyway, so no biggie.....
  11. Doesn't surprise me at all, he quit during his conditioning test......That can't be good, and if a player will give up during an uncontested drill, what would you expect during real football.....I think the guy has a few screws loose.....
  12. What's the matter Crav, you on the down low or something, that's our boy getting accolades, we are supposed to be happy for him.... You alright man !!!!
  13. Words of Dimdum from your local Pa. Barnyard Crew.....3 tons of Dumb..
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