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  1. I am glad to hear he is doing well and will make a full recovery. I could care less about if it was "dirty" or not. This isn't flag football they are playing and things like this will happen no matter what uniform the guys have on.
  2. Does that mean I will have to wear my sunglasses at night?
  3. Yes. Liquidation sales state tomorrow and will run through March.
  4. I love it when Mama Nature comes into play. That is how football should be played. Not in any of those pansy ass domes.
  5. I would not be shocked if they kept Haslett around either since a number of players supported him. The Ryan interview is Sunday. But like most of the other interviews, the interview is probably in LA.
  6. I don't mind if somebody says to me "Merry Christmas" at all. But my friends and co-workers know that I am and they don't say anything out of disrespect towards me or anybody else. But we all joke around about it this time of the year and people have to have a sense of humor and not be such a tightwad. I hate that people have become "offended" by things these days. But I do feel that everything should be given as much attention as others. It helps one realize what a big nutty world we live in.
  7. Here is all you need to know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vrd9p47MPHg
  8. Just win and let the others settle themself out. Can't root/depend on others teams (or the refs) at this point.
  9. Something about being Jewish makes me avoid Christmas but no matter where I turn it gets pushed down my throat.
  10. Chiefs fans rejoice. http://www.kansascity.com/666/story/937972.html
  11. They were slow to react and I saw some headlines of people wanting that guy released because of his so called "good deed"
  12. Crying about a call will get you nowhere in sports. They scored a touchdown and we didn't. That was the difference maker, not some calls that did or did not get made.
  13. Thanks for the work. I am not worried about a post count though.
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