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  1. this is going to be a very interesting game
  2. how's it going everyone hope all is well with you. i had to redo my password to get on
  3. lol thank you vmax and BAlltmore and i won't dani hehe
  4. Hey everyone hope all is well with you. forgot my password so i had to make a new one. how is everyone?
  5. my condolences for your loss Crav. he's up there with sock and everyone else that we all lost watching over you.
  6. that is beautiful i love it *sniffs*
  7. *sniffs the air* ahh i love the sweet smell of victory in the afternoon. next up titans....they're going down!!!
  8. thanks for the condolences billy i just wish the orioles had a better owner
  9. He'll be here just watch until then RAVENS KICKED BUTT!!!!
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