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  1. Are you a comic reader? I dont want to know anything... to answer your question yes I would settle for alternate fate but I really have my heart set on a skull cracking spiked bat brains on the pavement kind of death.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing wimpy cuck Spencer get his skull cracked open myself. Always crying about his mommy and Rick's leadership but has never done anything hardcore.
  3. good episode last night. Negan is the man. He is hilarious
  4. All the HBO series are on the jail broken firesticks. All the NFL games as well. Ever since I hacked and jail broke my Firesticks I have been strongly considering dropping cable altogether. Between the firesticks and Netflix there isn't much content I dont have access to. In most cases its on there within 24 hours of the live broadcast. The only problem is that the way comcast and verizon structure their plans, the basically provide no price break to get just internet. They charge almost the same whether you get internet and cable or just internet. Its such a monopoly.
  5. I'm defintiely going to watch Westworld from start to finish. I saw the first two episodes and then forgot about it but I heard its getting really good.
  6. It seems like right now they are showing how each community has been broken and abused by the savior dictatorship and I'm guessing that eventually we will see some sort of coordinated rebellion attack by all the communities against the saviors. I'm not a comic reader so I have no idea.
  7. This season sucks. They peaked in the first episode, which really should have been the season finale of last season. They are structuring these story lines all wrong. They are devoting a full hour to each community which only has a handful of characters when they should be devoting ten minutes of each community each episode. By doing that the character story lines would stay fresh in the minds of the viewers. Right now they are going an entire month or more before showing a character and I have no memory of what they hell happened the last time we saw them. Its boring as hell.
  8. You are right about the first drives. The first drive is always scripted ahead of time and that is when we seem to be uptempo, on time and execute the best. Every drive after that is just painful. The Ravens should script more often. Once again another huge drop by our DB on a pass that hit him in the hands. That Weddle drop allowed the Bengals to keep the score close for the majority of the game. Had he made that play and we score this game could have gotten out of hand quickly.
  9. During that first drive yesterday I said to myself its happening. Morningweg finally installed his full offense. They trashed the Trestman playbook and are calling plays straight from Marty's playbook. The offense had an entirely different look and feel than we had seen. The plays were fresh. Then of course they abandoned everything, but for that first drive there was hope.
  10. Dean Peas - the best defensive mind when it comes to putting together a solid 30 minute game plan. This guy can not get the D to sustain a full 60 minutes since forever.
  11. I'm not convinced Bernie would have beaten Trump either. And I definitely put zero stock into any polling data. He beat a politician who had 30 more years of experience and entrenchment. She had the entire Main Stream Media supporting her every move, suppressing every negative wikileaks and Project Veritas revelation, and bashing Trump and his supporters daily. She had the entire corporate landscape backing her. She had Hollywood behind her. She had the President spending every day of his life campaigning for her. She had the DNC running interference at trump rallies and inciting violence, she had CNN giving her debate questions. She had the DNC delivering debate questions for Trump to CNN on her behalf. I'm pretty sure beating a 100 year old socialist would have been very possible.
  12. Probably a combo of both. She was so drenched in corruption and scandal that many Dem's simply couldn't bring themselves to voting for her. In regards to the overwhelming confidence, every poll had her dominating. His path to the whitehouse was very narrow. Winning Florida basically was the first chink in the armor last night. From there he took a few clutch swing states and it was all she wrote.
  13. This. We are 20 trillion in debt, healthcare for my young perfectly healthy family is $600 per month with a $10,000 deductible, I paid $15,000 to put two kids in daycare this year. We've lost millions of jobs to over-regulations and bad trade deals. We were facing an influx of a million + refugees from areas that are known to host islamic terrorist who believe Christians should be slaughtered. We were facing WW3 with Russia over Syrian pipelines and Saudi influence. Our social security fund is vanishing, we have millions of illegals using our public services and not contributing tax dollars. I don't give a crap about being PC or catering to anyone's safe space. The social issues of the liberals mean nothing to me right now. I am trying to keep food on my table and clothes on our backs. Tax cuts and the spectacular childcare policy laid out by Trump were the primary factors in him receiving my vote (not that is mattered in Maryland anyway)
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