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  1. I cant even remember the last time that we blew a team out and the win was never in doubt
  2. the log jam at WR is even worse than RB
  3. that's my question. Forsett - lock Allen - proved he belongs Taliaferro - gone Richardson - lean and motivated Dixon - lock Reynolds - lock?
  4. Kaufusi was a solid pick. He is huge and can still move. Same physical traits as Buckner. Both are 6' 7" and long. Could put on another 15lbs and play DE or shed a few and play OLB
  5. tsyl is my coverage delayed or are you just guessing these picks before they are announced lol
  6. alexander would be great. I wouldnt mind Ragland either
  7. Damn I wanted Ogbha! Bosa version 2.0
  8. Looks fine to me, despite not running the 40 I see plenty of burst and agility that clearly wouldn't be possible with a bum knee. That injury was just a meniscus not ACL and by the start of the season it will be a full year. You could potentially put him on IR to start the season and have him back 100% for the rest of the season and many years to come. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A09JJf7KKQQ
  9. I found this to be an interesting read from a former Defensive End. Mentions of J.O. in the article and written long before any of the blockbuster trades occurred. http://www.sbnation.com/2016/3/28/11184656/2016-nfl-draft-breakdown-ronnie-stanley-notre-dame-laremy-tunsil I have broken down that second guy at some positions by now, so at the very least I can compare those first two guys and determine which of the two I like more. In this case, Ole Miss left tackle Laremy Tunsil was the first offensive tackle that I broke down. Now that I've watched Notre Dame left tackle Ronnie Stanley, I ha
  10. Off field issues aside. Looking back now at a few articles dissecting the comparisons of Tunsil and Stanley it appears that Stanley not only is a better pure pass blocker but has the durability and intelligence advantage. Tunsil gets the nod on run blocking but it is far easier to get better at run blocking than pass blocking at the NFL level. Per PFF, NFL OTs protect a 7-step drop on average 120+ times per year. Ronnie Stanley did it 35 times last year. Laremy Tunsil just 7 times. In addition Stanley was better again speed rushers because he is longer and able to get hands on the DE faster
  11. Ogbah please. Or jack. The mosley/Jack combo would be so legit.
  12. love this pick. Wanted Tunsil the whole time but had no idea he carried that much baggage. Did you see the Tunsil interview after he was picked and after the Draft, holy crap that guy is a Liability. He literally says all the wrong things. Stanley graded out same as pass blocker and better run blocker and can be plugged in to LG until Monroe inevitably gets injured. Stanleys interview was pure class. We had to protect our investment. This team goes no where without Flacco upright. Miles Jack is still there I'd love to take a flier on him;. or you want edge rusher, Look at Ogbah in roun
  13. Tunsil is my pick if he is there at #6. Flacco is locked up for 6 years @ 20 million per. You protect that investment. Damn the sexiness of the pick without Flacco this team is garbage. However, if Tennessee wants to jump back to 6 and give us that 15th and their 2nd round 33rd overall. I'd do that deal in a heartbeat. We would have 15, 33, 36 overall... man I'd be doing cartwheels.
  14. True. But we also lost a lot of close games last year because of the secondary. Id be happy if either Ramsey or Tunsil is there. If not, Buckner or Jack. We cannot lose in this draft position
  15. Tunsil would be the least sexy pick but long term would be a great addition to the team.
  16. agree with some of the above posts. I think there is a greater chance of Tunsil being there than Ramsey. I'd love to get Tunsil @ 6. Having Joe locked up for 6 years would feel a lot better knowing he's protected by a stud LT.
  17. id take him over Bosa. Line him up with williams and jernigan and its scary
  18. The more I think about this draft, the more I scenarios I see. I can make a case for all the top 10 pickup except QB's to get drafted by us. Elliot, Buckner, Jack, Stanley, Bosa, Ramsey. I think we are getting a good player no matter who we take here.
  19. Buckner here. Stuffs the run, knock down the pass, rush the edge, set the edge, bull rush the center, plug him in anywhere you want on the line.
  20. If this Kap to Broncos trade happens Things could get very interesting in the war room. Everyone will know the 49ers are taking a qb at #7 and have to jump ahead of them to get their guy. Ozzie will have the phone close. Eagles at 8? What would they give to jump two spots? Rams, Jets? Thats a bigger jump, maybe a 2nd or a 3rd and a 4th?
  21. I just hope one of these guys actually does something. We have come a long way from the years when Ozzie was guaranteed to hit a homerun in the draft. I remember one year we had 8 probowlers. Been a lot more misses than hits
  22. I'm a little confused as to why we sucked so bad at the 4th and 1's all season when we have K.O. and Yanda at the guards. Seems like our strength would be straight up the middle.
  23. control the team as in tripping players, letting position coaches run onto the field to fight with opposing players, allowing other position coaches to grab and pull the hair of opponents on the sidelines. Give me a break.
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