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  1. If I was Ozzie I would be on the phone with the Vikes trying to move Troy for a CB. Looks like they only 4 CBs on their roster though.
  2. Yeah if wasnt trying to lose 30lbs then he must be hosting the worlds most happy tapeworm
  3. Max that emoticon was perfect for the article. ThAts exactly how i feel thinkibg about frank walker starting for us. We should add a clause to his contract that every yard of pass interference is $1000 out of his pay. It would save us $50,000 a game
  4. What is this thing turning into a bengals message board all the sudden. Alot of ravens fans on here are calling for the Bungholes to win the AFCN.... please. We are talking about a team coached by a guy who has had what 2 or 3 winning seasons in 9 years and hasnt won a playoff game in equally as long. Last I checked the Ravens played football one week longer than the division champions last season. And sure they got better in the draft, every team does. According to most experts, the ravens had the best draft in the division and some said in the entire league.(kindle aside(hindsight)). So w
  5. Not too mention they will be arguing all the time over who has the best TV show on VH1. So gay. Two wide receivers on the same team, both have their own tv shows on the same network. I expect that from the cowboys but now the bengals are just trying to gain national attention.
  6. Not too mention they still think marvin lewis is a good coach. How that guy is still employed after delivering 0 playoff wins in 10 years is beyond me.
  7. So the other night was my uncles BDay, His rich friend paid 2500 dollars to have ladarius webb come to the house and hang out for a few hours and auction off a bunch of ravens merchandise. He was extremely polite and down to earth. He had his hot GF with him and his limo waiting outside. He shook hands with everyone at the party and answered all questions, signed items, etc. He said before he ran back this KO- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdtWDg1ct_4 - Ray lewis approached him, said "you got the spark, I can feel it" then touched Ladarius on the shoulder and said "yeah you got it, Touchd
  8. So no one else has slipped on the stairs before? This makes you a criminal, and a careless person? WTF are you guys smoking? Thank god he just hit his head and didnt blow out an ACL
  9. This is all well and good, right up to the point where we have to play Peyton Manning and look like deer in headlights.
  10. what an informative news broadcast. She said that there is oil in the water, and that it is toxic. In case you've been under a rock for 4 months.
  11. This is the biggest Non-story in football. Who cares, grow up. Autographs are for kids. When I was a kid and actually wanted an autograph I could never get one because I was short and everyone else was taller. This will make it easier for kids to be noticed by the players. Excellent move by the FO.
  12. They called the owner of the one company I filed for to verify my employment and salary. Of course my boss just lied for me and said I make more than do and said Im working less than I am. I am starting to think I should have a lawyer handle the claim I am going to make for the company I started in march. Apparently I can claim the current job I have and then another claim for company I own. So two claims are gonna be in the works. I dont feel guilty for doubling up on em'. Next tuesday will be exactly 3 months of them pumping millions of gallons of oil into our fisheries. They got pay becau
  13. Boy the 4-5 day claim process they keep mentioning on the news is crock. Here is how my process is going Call the number for the claim office and tell them a little about your situation and they give you a claim number Then you have to fax them AND mail them a letter from yourself, a letter from your employer, your 08 and 09 tax returns, and a giant photo ID. Then you wait, and wait and wait for the adjuster to call you. Then you explain everything all over again. Then you wait for him to check all your paperwork, call your employer, blah blah. Then you wait for the check, which is where I
  14. excitement, and the use of upper-bodies is also overrated in soccer. Im sorry to rain on the thread with negativity but I seriously do not get any thrill from watching it. Even a tie in regualtion forceing OT for the world cup finals is not enough to get me to tune in. Id rather watch old fresh prince episodes on TBS. Remember when Will gave Carlton speed instead of asprin? Hilarious
  15. Thank god thats over, now Americans can stop pretending to give a crap about soccer. I swear I dont know how anyone can possibly watch people run around for 90 minutes just to see one goal. 90 minutes to see 1 point.
  16. the heat will be WAY better than .500 They'll probably win at least 60 games. Good coaching can allow guys with egos to play together and be successful. Such as Phil Jackson leading a team with Shaq and Kobe to 3 rings. Or Shaq and wade in MIA, or a team with Paul pierce, ray allen, and kevin garnett. The celts put that team of superstar vets together in one offseason and got a ring the first year. It can be done, in fact it seems you have to have star power to win championships in the NBA. All the past championship teams had killer line-ups.
  17. Yes crav, in 04 usa won the bronze. Lebron and wade were on that team. Both were young. In 08 wade lebron and bosh crushed everyone everyone to win the gold again. This is 10'. So we are alot closer to the championship team. And actually they were saying on 105.7 yesterday how nba has surpassed mlb in popularity in america. NBA markets their league and players the best. Did you see how many people were at the heat celebration. Season tix were gone in seconds, jerseys couldnt even be put on the racks before they sold out.
  18. OMG lol lol lol dan gilbert needs to just let it go. New reports say that gilbert, who owns the fathead co., has reduced the price of lebron fathead to $17.41. This being the year benedict arnold was born. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  19. there's no reason to fear eating bad seafood. They have scientist testing every body of water in the state every single day. If there even a .0001 percent chance of contamination the area is closed for fishing. And besides, what seafood business is actually going to tell you the truth where they get their crabs and shrimp? I always tell people our crabs are locals. Even before the spill! Thats what customers want to hear. You put a LA crab right next to MD and 99 times out of 100 they cant tell. I can though, the color of the white on the bottom, the cleanliness of the shell, the algae on
  20. Someone should have told that stupid lady if she wanted to help put down your damn camera, grab a rake and pick up some tar balls. Standing around narrating ideas of what might be happening to someone in an ambulance is retarded. I wish that cop would have clubbed her once or twice
  21. I did too, until I read this letter from the Cavs Owner on Lebrons decision The letter in its entirety: Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters Wherever You May Be Tonight; As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the very region that he deserted this evening, is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier. This was announced with a several day, narcissistic, self-promotional build-up culminating with a national TV special of his "decision" unlike anything ever "witnessed" in the history of sports and probably the history of entertainment. Clearly, thi
  22. agreed on everything. The latest report has miami favored. That would be sick, they would be instant championship caliber. Although I think he goes to NY for the simple fact that, like you said, he could expand and mold his own basketball legacy. He could make big money, and play in one of the biggest markets. If he really wants a ring right now, he can go to miami. If he is just plain nuts and wants to be compared to MJ his whole life then chicago. I just dont see why anyone would want to play under the weight of knowing that anything less than 6 championships means you're still second b
  23. yeahp. Thats about it. Everyone is shut down. Anyone of you guys ever eat at Obrycki's? 90% of their crabs come from the lake. There is probably 4 or 5 big time crab packing facilities on the lake, ALL are shut down. This is unreal. No one down there thought it would be in the lake THIS fast. This is a major blow to LA.
  24. I cant believe ESPN is actually doing an hour long special on Lebrons decision tonight. Ive got him going to the knicks. I think the addition of amare stoudemire will be just enough to sweeten the pot and get LJ in new york. Theres no way he can sign with the heat since they spent all the money on wade and bosh. I dont think he'd hold an entire press conference just to say "im returning to cleveland". I dont think he would want to play in CHI under the shadow of MJ his whole life. I dont think Jay-z's recruiting efforts can get him in jersey. I got him on the knicks but we will all find
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