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  1. I don't think its outside the realm of possibility that Dallas takes a QB either. Jones said he wants a favre-rogers transition with Romo-someone. I dont think there is any chance that Mackenzie Alexander is there in round 2. One SB nation mock has us taking Alexander with the 6th overall pick. I've also not seen a single mock that doesn't have Ramsey to the Jags.
  2. I like the versatility of Buckner. He can play all over the D-line and hes very long. Huge hands and long arms he can bat down a lot of passes.
  3. I never noticed how good a passer Cam was until yesterday. His passes are perfect spirals right on the money every time. Even with his sidearm style motion those passes are crisp. Panthers look damn good on both sides of the ball. It's going to be a good game.
  4. when the broncos went three and out on two consecutive drives with 2 minutes to go I thought for sure NE was going to win. And then when Brady found Gronk for 30 yards on a 4th down play I knew NE was going to win. But that Denver D found a way to get it done. Their pass rush is crazy good.
  5. Pasadena here, about 24" on the ground and still going strong. Winds were cranking so hard last night I couldn't sleep. I cannot believe we didn't lose power. I have 2 reef aquariums with multiple thousands of dollars of fish and corals that really need power. News reported that it wasn't going to stop until tomorrow but the weather channel model I just saw shows a stoppage around 10pm tonight. Despite the conditions I managed to get both cars shoveled out, heat pump cleared, and shoveled the dog a nice pathway to the closest tree in the backyard for him to do his business. Tomorrow I ha
  6. Is this still a thing? I don't think this is a thing anymore.
  7. The NFL overhead camera is the best way to describe the scene. It's cool just watch it you wont be disappointed. They shot the entire film in natural light in Alaska or Canada, they had only a few hours a day.
  8. The camera moves around from person to person as they are moving around like each guys point of view. Its hard to explain but sometimes the camera is on the ground, sometimes its looking over a shoulder, sometimes its in a tree, but it never actually cuts away it just kinda floats around. Pretty cool. SPOILER ALERT FOR REVENANT - The bear attack scene is one of the realest, most badass scenes in any movie I've ever seen. It will leave your jaw on the floor and your butt on the edge of your seat
  9. hateful 8 was about 2.5 hours.. The stylized violence doesn't even kick in until halfway through. The thing that made this movie so fantastic for me was the dialogue between the characters. It was just very well done.
  10. It's hard for me to put into words how bad Force Awakens was. I thought the casting was terrible, especially Kylo Ren and Fin. Kylo Ren was so soft and unintimidating. Choosing some skinny whiny Emo punk to fill the shoes of Darth Vader was beyond stupid. I thought the plot line was completely unoriginal and a complete reboot. They desperately tried to inject humor into scenes where no humor was needed. The final battle was terribly unsuspenseful. The only thing that was cool was the X-wing battles IMO On a side note, Hateful8 and Revenent were both far better movies. The bear atta
  11. Obviously I want the Steelers to lose and keep the curse of Tim Tebow alive and see Tomlin get exposed once again as a lame duck coach. But I also want Dalton and Lewis to choke again so they can have to face another season of media and fan scrutiny regarding their inability to get it done when it matters. Decisions, decisions....
  12. I dont know that I believe that Ozzie drafts Best player available. Lets say by the time our pick comes the best player on the board is a QB Oz had at 4. You rally mean to tell me Ozzie will pick the QB over the CB/WR he had at 5?
  13. Wait, so is Ray Rice a good man or not I'm confused?
  14. The guy you are missing here is the guy I'm most excited about, Campanero. He was starting to really show some flashes before the injury. I'm really hoping he can contribute 16 games next season.
  15. anybody but Cinci, NE, Pitt and I'm ok with it
  16. air conditioning required for a December game.... God I hate people who move to Florida
  17. i love this season. My sister gave me 2 club level tix to this weeks game for free. Second time I got free tix this year.
  18. you cant make this stuff up. This season will go down as the biggest train wreck in franchise history
  19. I totally know what you mean. For me it was the Cardinals game. It was our final possession. There was 60 seconds on the clock and we were marching down the field, down a score with a chance to win. I suddenly became aware that my blood pressure was normal, there was no emotional roller coaster, I wasn't on the edge of my seat, beer grasped tightly in hand, I wasn't saying 'c'mon Joe c'mon Joe'... It had happened. There was a physical change in my body directly related to my fandom. I no longer gave a shit whether we won or lost. I didn't care what was about to happen because I was so a
  20. and now we get the seahawks, steelers, bengals, and chiefs.... so 0-5 to end the season
  21. I'll volunteer to rep us for the next miami, tampa, jax game. I only ask the group flies me first class, pays all my food and alcohol, gets club seats and puts me up in the hilton
  22. seen this too many times to get worked up over anymore
  23. free play, throw it deep??? Nah just got rid of it
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