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  1. Good shit crav. When u find quality seafood hang onto it. Ur right spen this will be bigger than exxon valdez. Four of my biggest shippers of crabs are now officially shutdown. These guys lose money all winter and then make it up in the summer, now just as summer starts they have to shut down. Its sickening, i know these guys, ive met their families, they are in deep deep trouble. Its just a completely tragic event. Im gonna lose some money theyre gonna lose everything
  2. dont understand. Anyway, you guys are giving too much credit to cinci. Benson wont repeat his huge success, Palmer was average last year, Marvin Lewis is still a terrible coach who somehow hasnt lost his job. Did you guys see Cinci gets beat twice in a row by the jets? They looked terrible when it mattered. If we get any pressure on palmer we can win those two games easy. Heres hoping kindle/suggs combine for 20 sacks this year
  3. You would be surprised how many oysters come up from there too. Our truck brings roughly 10 pallets of oysters a day from there, thats about 200 sacks which is equivalent to like 30,000 lbs a day. Most get sent to the eastern shore where they are repackaged and sold as local oysters, sorry to burst your bubble crav. Your best bet this summer is buy from Harris' seafood in kent narrows, they are locals 100%. Or find a place that sells strictly chincoteague, expensive. Im watching this mess and I am still in disbelief. Just when I get off unemployment, start a company making great money, w
  4. As for local crabs, there is not nearly enough to supply every carryout and restaraunt in Maryland. You will be eating a lot of carolinas and Delaware this summer. I know the news keeps telling people how great the local crabs are but that's just females, the males are garbage crabs right now
  5. This catastophy is going to ruin Louisiana for years. The effects will be felt up here as well. I for example depend 100% on crabs from the gulf for a living. We haul over 500 boxes(750 bushels) a day in the summer from there. My company should be out of business in a few months. This could not have come at a worse time. Fuck bp I will never buy gas from them again. I personally know dozens of the biggest crab packers in LA and believe me these guys are scared, very scared. This has the potential to take years and years to clean up.
  6. If there is one thing I've learned about this upcoming season, it's that there are no more excuses. I think we find out slot about joe flacco this season. If you were to take a Kurt Warner and put him on our team right now he would throw for 300 every week. I want to see the three tight end set more with heap and the rookies. CAm cameron has lots of options this year
  7. Is it just me, or do the steelers look like a very average team this year? No holmes, no ben. That was 99% of all the BS plays that win them games. I cant tell you how many games those two have single handedly won by the skin of their teeth. Those days are now over.
  8. I know its completely off topic, but I wanted to give props to someone I grew up with. Mike Newton, he got picked up by the colts as a safety, undrafted. I played sports at Glen burnie with his older brother Chris but Mike went to calvert hall for a better shot at the future. He played all 4 years at buffalo and had a pretty good career. They said he dominated the Buffalo proday and got a private workout by the colts and eagles. He comes from a great family, couldnt be happier for the guy. check him out at the end of the video making the biggest play in buffalo history.
  9. Bless Your soul, for you are a greater person than I will ever be.
  10. anyone got the skinny on pitta? Some inside info. If dickson is the pass catcher does that make pitta the blocker? Wheres LJ smith fit in? Wheres heap fit in? Gonna be a hell of a TE battle in training camp. Not as pressed on CB as everyone else, You're essentially looking for a guy to be our dime back. Foxworth Washington Webb Carr drafted guy
  11. AWesome video. Bisciotti is the man. He broke it all down, for the 25th pick we got anquan boldin, a 2nd and a 5th. Nice. And another team tried to jump in front of denver for tebow? wonder who that was. OUr best chance would be Webb jamming him at the line. Lord knows foxworth and washington only play 10 yards off the LOS.
  12. Snyder pulled the trigger on McNabb a little.
  13. without Big Ben and without Holmes, the steelers are a below average team. Best. Offseason. Ever.
  14. They Jacked the idea right from Always sunny in Philadephia.... the best F-in show on TV
  15. Im hooked on "the Pacific" right now. They are showing the battle my grandfather was in on sunday. The show offers a great look at the other part of WW2. Not germany but in thoses little Jap islands where the Real Sh*t went down. didnt mean to jack your thread, never watched supernatural for the exact reason you mentioned in the first post, the CW. ill check it out
  16. thinking the same thing. Especially a solid franchise QB. Thats unheard of. LOL, I never looked at it that way but yep, pretty much. Im sure they'll draft all WR with all their other picks like they always do.
  17. saw this on break earlier. Pretty funny actually especially when the little girl tells the little boy hes all coked up all the time. I lol'd
  18. I hate that B*tch. She refuses to accept anyone opinion other than her own. And when someone gets the best of her in a logical arguement, which is like every night, she just calls them stupid liars. Terrible programming. BTW, theres probably a hundred bodies in the water off the coast of aruba. That is a big snowflake eel in the photograph. I have that same eel in my fish tank but not as long.
  19. I DID!! It was hilarious watching Elin beat the crap outta Tiger. THen seeing BigBen at the sex therapy made the episode. He is such a pervert
  20. Rather watch the first Quarter of 2009 wildcard against pats. Now that was a sight to see. Ray Rice was God that quarter
  21. This is shaping up to be the best ravens offseason ever. God I hope he gets locked up.
  22. so who is starting in Leavelandd this year? Senena, Gay boy Quinn, or a rookie or what?
  23. I was making a funny statement. Millz got a chuckle. In fact I did bring something to the thread because my attitude toward hockey is similar to many people I know in my age group who grew up here their whole lives without a team and thus could care less about it. Kids in Pittsburg where the OP is from probably dont feel that way and would throw a fit if they lost their hockey team.
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