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  1. Im 24 years old, ive lived here my whole life, and I do not know the basic rules, positions, penalties or any of that. And I could care less. Hockey is Gay.
  2. Smith needs to put the crack pipe down.
  3. why would he even be talking a 20 year old girl? Hes gotta be 25 or 26 at least. She cant even drink at the bar. He should be banging supermodels. WHat a scum bag. Hes so fricken ugly he has to go for young girls who bang him for a good story
  4. ovie mughelli. Yes was thinkg the same thing. ATL over paid the hell outta him and I havent seen a highlight of him on TV yet. IMO, Mcclain is a starting RB in this league. But the only way to showcase his talent and get your moneys worth is to give him the touches which is tough with RIce,Mcgahee. If I was SD I'd be trying to get Mcclain right now
  5. I follow the michael Jackson theory here. If one person accuses you of rape one time, its probably not true. If multiple people accuse you of rape multiple times. You're probably a rapist. Can You imagine if by the grace of god Big ben was not a steelers next year. We could wrap up the division by week 8. Keep up the good work Ben
  6. When you mix Meth and Coke, this is the result
  7. Sorry kids I cant afford to send you to college because id rather watch 8 ravens home games.
  8. Can we have our resident Stat guy pull up how many receiving TDs the ravens have this decade BY RECEIVER not RB,TE. I bet T.O. has more single handedly than our whole franchise. He might not be what he used to be but he is still an upgrade over every receiver on our team. Im sorry but as great as Mason is, he is not a home run threat at all. And you might as well throw the buffalo stats out the window, i mean come on, anyone who thought T.O. would put up 1500 yards and 10 tds in that offense is retarded. Lee Evans is better than derrick mason but you'll never find out because Buffalo has
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN4ZkD0TB9A&feature=related LOL, just surfing youtube and found this parody of lil wayne containing an OBAMA remix. LOL. It was well done I must say
  10. If we can get him for a 2nd do it. Like Crav said a 2nd for an immediate impact player is great. Dan Cody was a 2, kruger last year barely sniffed the field. In fact, the only "immediate impact" 2nd round pick Ozzie had this decade was Ray Rice. DO IT!!!! Then draft a WR and we're done. Ready for next year.
  11. i wish i had the cleverness and ability to make hilarious videos like that. That was great. the blood splatter was just like MK
  12. I had seen people battling about this vid on the CL rant/rave section for a few days but I couldnt figure out what vid they were talking about until someone posted it. The best part is the ghetto girl holding the camera egging on the black guy to "beat his white ass" only to be let down horribly. And then at the end she says they can press charges because she has it on video. They only thing the video shows is the santa looking guy avoiding the fight with words, then walking away, then refusing to stand up and fight again, then getting hit first. If anything the Black guy should be locked u
  13. You know who else ran fast 40? Yamon Figurs. Brandon Marshall Please.
  14. Any of you guys watched this video? Apparently stirring a lot of racial controversy around the internet. I dont even see how race is involved, one guy talked Sh*t and couldnt back it up. I loved every second of seeing that jerk get what was coming to him.
  15. its really not up for debate Shaub is clearly superior. Shaub was 68% for 4770 yards 29td-15int and rating of 99 Flacco was 63% for 3613 yards 21td-12int and rating of 88
  16. im pretty sure Shaub wasnt ever a starter his first 2 years. Wasnt he on the bench behind Vick in ATL? Then went to houston where he inherited a Shit team, then got Andre Johnson and became great. Cant we just trade our entire WR corp for Andre Johnson?
  17. seriously. I couldnt agree more about Shaub he is way ahead of Flacco. *He led me to FF championship as an 8th round pick
  18. what he said, plus u know if he was on the market another day daniel synder would have paid him 5 million dollars
  19. ahhh. Right , my bad. Forgot there was 2 of em'. Well signing him would solidify the KR PR position.
  20. see thread in NFL forum about chargers. Try not to laugh.
  21. Force that was priceless. The only cornerback who can get away without tackling is deion and DRC is definitely not deion. Although his closing speed on Green was pretty impressive.
  22. The odds of the bengals ever sweeping the division again are virtually zero. How Marvin Lewis has a job after producing 2 winning seasons in how many years is beyond me. Especially after finally making the playoffs and then getting embarassingly outcoached by a team they played the week before. The only thing about him I ever respected was how he didnt cut chad johnson when chad wanted out
  23. cut em all but gaither, mcclain,koch, yanda
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