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  1. youve seriously never heard that before? BTW, shes hot. But Boller is still a douche
  2. if anyone is on 360 im on modern warfare all day long. GT= xRobbieDigitalx http://www.break.com/index/online-gamer-looks-for-a-new-girlfriend.html possibly the funniest video ever if youre a fan of call of duty
  3. Zorns a lame duck. He looked clueless and one chromosome away from being retarded in his post game press conferences. Look what the skins do to peoples careers, go from head coach to a position coach.
  4. id rather be the backup for a team thats in the playoffs each year, than the starter for a team that will finish in dead last in the division, maybe conference and league. And its F-ed up because all i have heard about troy since he joined the ravens is what a great teammate and member of the community he is. Let him go, We all know Flacco is not giving up is spot anytime soon.
  5. marvin Lewis, really? Whoa. two non-losing years out of what 7 or 8 years? what a coach. The guy that had how many top 10 draft picks and one of the best recieving corps in the league. In the mean time jim caldwell goes 14-0 as a rookie. Big deal.
  6. Im in the crab biz, so ive been to n.o. several times and YES, that is an official football town. If it aint LSU its the Saints every where u look. They look unstoppable on offense.
  7. no, i don't. but im drunk so what do i know
  8. He will have to outbid snyder.
  9. my biggest concern is who the hell will be covering clark saturday?
  10. ditto, His stat line is sick, 29-33 for 396 and 5 TDS, He missed 4 passes out of 33. Flacco only made 4 out of 10. When warner is on, which isnt every week, he is top 3 in the league.
  11. That first quarter gave me a raging boner, the second Q.... not so much. If we lose this game, the blame falls squarely on the coaches. We are dominating the Oline in the run game. Epic fail by harbs for not challenging, or even using a meaningless time out to at least look twice. Epic fail by cam for throwing the pick on first down when our run game was killing.
  12. god the league is on his nuts so hard its sick. Id have gave it to benson this year. QBs come back from leg injuries every year, big deal.
  13. Pretty much every single person on the pats board is over looking us like we are nothing. I have not read a single post where a fan was actually worried the ravens might win. They are already looking at the colts, chargers. A few concerns over welker but basically guaranteeing a win against us. I really hope we end their season.
  14. After watching our offense this season, how can the ravens NOT afford to go after a big name receiver. Last big name we took at receiver was derrick mason and that turned out pretty damn good.
  15. I saw an instant change in the Oline when the 4th Q hit. As soon as the 4th started we were blowing them off the line of scrimmage and getting to the second level.. One play, a delayed handoff to mcgahee on the left side was a thing of beauty. These guys turned it on when the game was on the line and didnt make Flacco make the play. Willis carried us yesterday.
  16. Not too mention extending the numbers of games without giving up a 100 yard rusher, and then preserving the ravens record of that by shredding the squeelers.
  17. Yes. Welker would have destroyed us. Now we can at least roll Ed reed to moss' side of the field. That way can limit Moss to only 100 yards and 2 tds and hopefully keep walker under 80 penalty yards for PI.
  18. I would rather have, Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, or Limas Sweed than Hines Ward.
  19. took 30 minutes to get from b-more to arena drive landover, awesome. Took 1.5 hours to get from arena drive to stadium parking lot, not awesome. What a mess of idiots they had directing traffic around. I must say it is not a fan friendly environment, no cup holders, vertical seating which seems like your sitting on a mountain. EMPTY STADIUM AT HALFTIME. Overall, the ATM experience blows the doors off Snyders stadium
  20. I can picture vincent jackson in the playoffs dragging corey ivy 50 yards down the field for a TD. Ivey hanging on to the back of his jersey like in Little Giants.
  21. Just thinking, McNair shot in head by a woman, Woods beaten half to death by a woman, henry thrown from vehicle driven by woman. Athletes need to be a little more cautious when picking their women, and when cheating on them.
  22. died at 6:30 am. Espn reports. This is friggin nuts. How in the hell did this happen? He was in the back of a pickup while she was driving it and he fell out? Sad day for bengals world.
  23. no way. there was a lot of rookie receiver production this year (would have been nice to have one of them). He played good and all but there are other guys scoring TDs like harvin, maclin, crabtree..
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