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  1. chris carr actually got a pick. Things are looking up for us. Even if it is the worst team in the league
  2. the colts are playing for perfection. Trust me they want to go undefeated
  3. ray rice is gonna be a star for years.
  4. That mason catch was sick. Play of the week. I cant believe he didnt go down.
  5. As part of the agreement, which lasts for a year or until the pending cases are settled, Suggs agreed to stay away from Williams and will pay her $35,000 a month to cover expenses for their children. They agreed to joint custody and worked out an unsupervised visitation schedule, with Suggs' mother, Laverne, acting as an intermediary. 35K A MONTH!!!!! JESUS CHRIST are his kids eating gold bars for lunch. That is just completely insane. Its no wonder women seek out athletes just to get knocked up and get at that child support money.
  6. jason cambell is such a bum
  7. that loss to oak was HUGE!!!!! We have a little breathing room now.
  8. as i sit here, its 3:30 and Oak is beating Pittsburg, Skins are beating Saints.
  9. You're right about that. But I thought the most clear defeciency against the steelers was WR, the position we chose not to adress in the offseason (washington, while a pleasant surprise is not a game breaker). I pray poolamaloo doesnt play. He knows when to jump the mason outroute/slant every fuckin time.
  10. I think that is more than a fair statement. You know the ravens will be jacked up next week, at home, primetime, against the team that beat them 3x last year and prevented them from a trip to the big show. We cannot let luck and last minute drives factor in to any more games. Might be time to tell the muhammed ali story again.
  11. ive got LT vs den, barber vs wash, forsett vs minn, bernard scott vs oak, snelling vs nyg need 3 lt for sure
  12. Friend just called and had an extra ticket, Yes I am going now. This is not good.
  13. I tried to block that game from my memory cleetz, thanx. God, I remember clear as day now Marvin harrison running right past a hobbled, short strided Cmac for a long TD. Then on the next goal line series, harrison fakes outside, then goes inside for the easiest TD i have ever seen. Cmac looked like frank walker on that play. That is when i knew Cmac was no longer a force in this league. I mean he was running 80% AT BEST in that game. Hope that knee healed. Oh and about the off field issues. My friend used to be a bar-back for the Ritz cabaret on broadway street. He said CMac was alwa
  14. to those offended, my bad; to those who found it funny as hell, me too!
  15. ESPN News just reported that Steven houschka, former field goal kicker of the Baltimore Ravens attempted to kill himself tonight in his Maryland home. Apparently he tried to hang himself but he was unable to kick out the chair from underneath him... Zing.
  16. If he's off the coke and booze, and if his shredded up knee is repaired, and if he hasnt lost all his footwork and mechanics then u might have a nice 3rd stringer. In his prime he was a monster, but those years have been long gone.
  17. this season is going down the shitter in a hurry. As soon as we pay people they fall off the map.
  18. his forehead makes him look like a grown up baby.
  19. Im not sure what the hell that means anymore. It used to mean play physical, sound football for 60 minutes. attack the QB. Now it means, try not to embarass yourselves with 20 penalties a game.
  20. Thats odd, the ravens 0-2 vs manning at the ATM, with myself in attendance, I will not be in attendance this week.. Maybe these vegas guys are onto us.
  21. Actually it is that hard. We cant stop the run and we cant rush the passer. And we damn sure cant cover on the back end. Pitt will sweep us. The picture in my signature is really our best hope at beating them.
  22. We shouldnt have opened the playbook up this year. We should have ran the same philosophy as last year when we were a run first team. Its obvious we dont have the talent at receiver to win one on one matchups. We cant even get one on one most of the time because we dont run the ball enough. Letting Lorenzo Neal walk was a mistake. Leron McClain is a starting Running back in this league, he has footwork like jerome bettis. We should be running 30x a game. Where is Kruger? I thought this kid was a pass rush machine. We need immediate help right now.
  23. and haushkas kickoffs arent exactly pinning them deep. The opening kickoff landed at the 11. Stover could have did that.
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