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  1. safe to say the ONLY way we make the playoffs is if we sweep Pittsburgh and they drop a few games they should win and we win a few games we shouldnt win.
  2. houschka is not a clutch kicker. That kick was straight. no angle.
  3. at this point, for the past 4 weeks I would be jumping for joy,. But I already know the outcome. We score here. Then they drive all the way down the field and beat us. Been there done that
  4. clayton needs to go up for that. He didnt know that dude was behind him?
  5. We should fire mattison and hire someone that the players actually look at and listen to when hes talking to them on the bench. I think this is the first time losing a coordinator has had any negative impact on our team.
  6. webb is 10x better in coverage than the guys were paying millions and millions
  7. Is our personnell this terrible or is it the scheme. I cant tell.
  8. 2 runs in a row? what is theyre O coord thinkin.
  9. did u see how long the refs huddled to discuss an obvious neutral zone call... they were thinkin of any and every way to NOT give us that.
  10. Mattison needs to grab his balls and straighten this shit out real quick. Bench these corners
  11. theyve been passing so much, here commes the run
  12. Heres, an idea. Jam ochostinko at the line instead of giving him a 10 yard cushion.
  13. can we start mason at corner
  14. yep. which means we had several defenders against the pass and still got burned
  15. our pass D is terrible, absolutely terrible
  16. didnt samari rolle beat his wife? I remember something like that. I would LOVE to see vincent jackson in a ravens uni, but that wont happen cuz SD will pay him. They have no choice they just released chambers and have no other WR weapons. It would be like us letting mason walk and clayton being our #1
  17. I guess all of u have forgotten the AFC championship game. Ya kow when the steelers doubled mason and completely embarassed our offense. Your right, the current group of receivers is explosive enough to outscore the pats, the colts, and the steelers on the road. Why anyone wouldnt want to upgrade to get over hump is retarded. I dont listen to anita marks shes annoying, but if she thinks marshall would have been a smart trade shes on point.
  18. agreed. Ellerbe is no bart scott. He is slow, looks confused at times, and against N.E. couldnt make tackle to save his life. If ray werent next to him he'd be a huge liability.
  19. youre both insane. Marshall is heads and shoulders above any receiver we have including mason, he would have been real nice to have against N.E. when we couldnt move the ball downfield to save our life. Same for the first 3 Quarters against the vikings. He creates matchup nightmares all over the field and who really cares he didnt want to socialize after being targeted only as handful of times in a losing effort. Great players dont act happy after losing. I would have traded the house for a big physical receiever like him during the offseason and Id do it now too. Everyone berated him fo
  20. I can believe he doesnt wanna hang around for brady-mangini era. He could be part of a dynasty
  21. Im really not all that worried at this point. We have been in every game to the last possesion. We have not been blown out by anyone. Im not willing to throw all the blame on the secondary. We need work in all area equally, offense loses the game in N.E. the defenses loses the game to the bengals and special teams loses the game to the vikings. If we can improve in all those areas in the next two weeks we have we can right this ship. Wouldnt hurt to find a big receiver though.
  22. probably more related to not paying his contract and using that roster spot for someone else. Of course galloway is garbage to the patriots, they got welker and moss. He would be golden to us we have no one. One teams trash is another teams treasure
  23. foxworth and washington are signed to big long term deals and are going nowhere. Week 4 we have clayton to blame, week 5 is the secondary, week 6 is haushka. THis is so depressing. Every week a sense of false hope at the end only to be let down.
  24. Well I didnt mean to compare him apples to apples but my point is brandon marshall, off field issues or not, should be a raven. I could care less of what he does off the field if hes scoring every week. He has been an angel in denver since mcdaniels suspended him and has been terrorizing defenses. It was so completely obvious in the offseason our biggest deficiency was WR and he was clearly the best available. Totally worth a first round pick at this point.
  25. every team in the league has one or two guys who have a history thats not perfect. Who cares. The point is to win the superbowl not start a boy scout club. There is no doubt in my mind if we had marshall we would be 5-0 by now. He is everything our receivers arent. If him "allegedly" beating a woman gets us 10 TDs so be it. Big Ben allegedly raped someone and theres 25 teams in the league that would love to have him.
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