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  1. Same here. Im willing to put an end to the Dwill experiment as well, dude is a legend in practice and a ghost on game days Can I just point out the most obvious thing in the world right now....... WE SHOULD HAVE FUCKING SIGNED BRANDON MARSHALL MONTHS AGO!!!!! All this kid does is make plays all over the field and break games wide open.
  2. We need a FB so we can start running Mcclain again. And where in the hell was willis yesterday? Not to take anything away from the bungles but god damn thats a game we expect to win and need to win. Im not calling this season over just yet because we have been in every game so far all the way until the end but unless we can start getting to the QB our CBs are toast all year. Brett Fav-ra is gonna fucking destroy our defense. I think we lose by 3 tds next week.
  3. damn, if it werent for Brees transforming into a football God yesterday we'd be number 1. Seriously Brees pissd me off yesterday I had A.P. score 39 FF points and still lost because brees had frickin 48 points. Jesus. Didnt help Warner got me 5 points.
  4. On a good note, Houshka got us some premo field position on those kickoffs. One was actually a touchback, I havent seen that in years from the ravens. Great game for the ravens. Whenever the chiefs gained a little momentum, we crushed them back down to size. Just like we should do. Ravens, 5 straight wins.
  5. Im actually really please with what I saw last night. Despite the fact Pitt won, which I knew going into the fourth with TN only up 3. I said to my friends 3 points will never be enough they need 10. Pitt played that way all year last season, hang around hang around, beat u with a minute to go. Pitt has No run game. and when pressured their passing game sucks, Pitt Is one big ben injury from total destruction. Their O-LINE STILL SUCKS!!!!!! This division is ours
  6. harrison and peyton have connected for more TDs than any duo in history, and the colts still dropped him. That should tell you something right there.
  7. man, 2 years straight we cant lock up suggs, now we got 24 hours to go and havent resigned anyone. Im not sure what the H is going on at the palace but we better get this ball rolling. Our cap situation isnt any different than usual right? The guys want to be here right? We finally have a QB and people want to go elsewhere? What is going on? Im scared.... SHOW ME SOMETHING OZZIE!!!
  8. so we have basically accomplished nothing this offseason other than cutting Cmac which was a given anyway.
  9. Why does Lewis want to play for a losing franchise in the toughest division in NFL? I swear this makes no sense.... HE WAITED 12 YEARS FOR US TO GET A QB!!!! Now we get one and he wants to play for the boys? Flacco in one year has more playoff wins than Romo. This is stupid. Let his ass walk.
  10. TJ, Boldin, Draft picks. Im still looking at Chad Jackson on NE. Dude was as physical as they come in college
  11. Huh? all clayton does in the open field is fall to the ground before he gets hit. If it werent for the 2-3 long TDs a year we get from him he would be completely useless. Marvin is not the answer. We dont need another average height slim receiver. We need physicality.
  12. Im torn between the two. Brown is a key piece to the offensive line, a definite resign. But imagining Ray lewis running out of some other teams tunnel will make me puke my guts out. We could lose our identity entirely without Ray and Rex. We need rework some deals and get both guys back in the lockerroom
  13. well, one thing is for sure. In his prime Cmac was as good as they come, but he hasnt been full stride in 2 years. Its a shame this relationship had to end like this but "it is what it is". <-- im sure that line was repeated a million times in the interview on anita marks.
  14. The round black guy, I think Vic Carter, he cannot read the teleprompter to save his life. Seriously pay attention to the way he pauses mid sentence all the time while waiting for the next line to pop up. It just sounds like a retard. It drives me nuts that the head honchos at the station dont fire him.
  15. ray, you waited 13 years for this team to find a QB. Now we have one and you want to leave? That makes no sense.
  16. http://break.com/index/stoned-little-kid-a...tist-visit.html
  17. no no no it has to be after the season, whos gonna play before the season and risk injury? At least if you get hurt after the season you have a full offseason to recover. Even the idea of playing it a week before the superbowl is dumb because the players who are in the superbowl arent going to show up and risk injury and risk losing preparation time. It has to be after the season. Just keep it the same as it always has been.
  18. you have to remember. Pot is the least of worries these days. kids are eating Oxicontin like candies, hydrocodine, anything that their parents have in the medicine cabinet. Percocets sell for like 40 dollars a pill.
  19. They were laughing on mickey, amelia and speigal yesterday morning. How bad do those 2nd and 3rd place finishers feel now knowing they lost to a stoner? The guy rips bong hits and still beats your ass in the 400 butterfly.
  20. He's a kid with millions of dollars. He never has to work another day in his life. This is what 90% of 23 year olds in his situation would be doing. Im 23 and I know I would love to sit around all day and toke up, unfortunately I have a real job with real responsibilities I will admit the DUI was moronic, call a fricking Limo you have a million dollars.
  21. i was closest score i predicted 24-20 pitt victory it was 27-23 Still had Pitt by 4 do i win an extreme ravens t shirt or something.
  22. not that big a blow out, but a squeelers win none the less. If warner throws like he did against the iggles they will be in it.
  23. well you have to remember, He has zero chance at becoming the starter. (injuries excluded) its not like he, smith and flacco are going to have another 'may the best man win' contest like last season. I would think Boller has the confidence in himself to want to go somewhere and actually compete for a starting spot. Has he even recovered fully from his injury?
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