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  1. I would absolute love to see the cardinals win. Actually, I think everyone outside of pissburg would. Big ben once again makes gold from crap and makes the play to win the game squeelers 24 cards 20
  2. has anyone (besides force) noticed the name Kyle Boller has not been mentioned since training camp. WHere do you all think he'll end up? Obviously not here.
  3. cant blame the guy. Hes probably more important to our team than both suggs and scott. Chris Chester at center is no good. I agree with force. Pay that man his money
  4. i have bad dreams and i poop a lot -beavis
  5. going back to the timeouts... john harbaugh had the challenge of the year in the first quarter. As tomlin was hyping up the crowd about to throw a challenge flag to challenge that they were in the endzone Harbs comes outta no where and throws his first to challenge possession... that was the best coaching move ive seen all year. Had pitt got their flag in first we would have been screwed for 7 points.
  6. its hard to build confidence when your first three passes of the day hit your receivers in the hands and they drop them. I knew we werent ready to play when I saw that. We got beat by more consistent team. Might I point out that big ben has a horse shoe up his ass. Some of the random bull crap plays he pulled off in the face of pressure were incredible, and incredibly lucky.
  7. either way the chargers are morons. Sproles is not an everydown back. They'll have to sign someone else anyway. LT can run, catch and block as good as anyone. One full offseason to heal, he'll be back to a top 5 back next year where ever he ends up
  8. fake authentics are EVERYWHERE for 50 bucks. They look real, feel real but the stitching is a different patter and the overall weight of the jersey is a tad lighter. Patapso flea market saturday morning I bet you'll find them.
  9. does this mean there are deals to be had on a nice 50inch plasma?
  10. Ps: God if you can somehow throw a lightning bolt at big bens fat face that would be great too.... thanks bud.
  11. why do the lions give out 4 year contracts to head coaches. Sign them for 1 year, see what they do then extend.
  12. Bingo. fabian on holmes rolle on ward Also, Jameel McClain got no push whatsoever in the second half last week, but then again neither did our whole D line
  13. last week our D line was pathetic. Aside from the one sack, we probably werent within 5 yards of collins all day long. He picked us apart. i know the steelers o line isnt as good as TN but they will turn it up a notch sunday and if we dont get to ben we are screwed. We need to be in that mans face every play.
  14. Flacco! no seriously IDK yet. You can throw Brady out there too. Will he rebound huge and have that chemistry with randy moss again, or will a year off make him rusty and unproductive?
  15. I like guys on the list but the RB by committee is killing the RB drafting process. Im looking at guys who dont split like forte, jones drew. In fact I might not even go RB in the first round next year I may go QB.
  16. I went to the bull and oyster roast at the 5th regiment armory last weekend. They had a million ravens memorabilia some autographed. I bid on and won a signed framed 24 inch picture of bart scott laying "The Hit" on Big Ben for 125$. A steal in my opinion it is the greatest picture I ever seen. The name plate even says "The hit" "ravens 27 steeler 0" I love it. They gave away a signed ed reed authentic too... a whole bunch of good stuff.
  17. i like the part where he points a loaded gun at the guy and says look theres one in the chamber.
  18. vmax, where the hell do you always find these awesome pictures?
  19. awesome video thanks for posting.... I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!
  20. zbkowski had a great return this week. Hes a straight ahead runner. Not much cutting.
  21. http://www.nypost.com/seven/01132009/news/...foul_149982.htm this is too funny. Check it out its a real story
  22. If we're not up by 14 points with 6 minutes to go we wont win. Thats how the steelers do, they hang around then they beat you. They've outscored opponents something insane like 70-0 in the last quarter this year. I wouldnt expect it to change. You guys are right we have to score in the redzone. Everytime.
  23. WHAT!!!! mine better be there today! Wasnt there yesterday
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