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  1. i just saw on that report that Rob ryan is the D coord in cleveland? Thats pretty cool, the ryans brothers going against each other twice a year.
  2. i thought coaches werent allowed to interview if the season was still going on for their respective teams
  3. jerrys the bigger dumb ass of the two since he actually paid jones. What did jones play like 1 or 2 games?
  4. i agree. He is too relaxed to be a HC. The reason he can be so laid back and have success with the ravens Defense is because they're talented players and know how to prepare. When you're the head coach you have to be a little more intense, get in faces, scream and shout (dungy is the exception) I just dont see him going somewhere and having success. It happens to all billick disciples
  5. i wonder what the vegas odds were for NE to win it all
  6. If we can generate the same pressure on collins as we did to pennington we got it. We got a great push all day from the dline, even when we didnt hit him we got hands in his face.
  7. Agreed, Cmac would be real nice to have right now for his ability tackle. Those hitches are killing us when rolle or washington overshoots which direction the receiver is coming up the field. And when you give receivers a 10 yard cushion like we do you HAVE to be able to tackle. I agree with this too. Me and a friend were discussing the prospect of signing a T.O. type of receiver. Aside from the PR nightmare at least you know your getting 10+ TDs a year guaranteed. Thats 70 points more a season, divide that by 16 games your getting 4.4 more PPG. How many games have we lost this year
  8. it was there then when i clicked on it it disappeared. Its still gone
  9. im not happy at all. I hate pittsburgh. I like seeing them lose at everything. I wish them nothing but non-success. I'd rather see ware get it than harrison. Although when it comes to game changing players reed is heads and shoulders above. He got off to a slow start this year thats all. Hes peaking right now which benefits us greatly.
  10. i see the smack talk forum was removed..... this couldnt possibly be in anticipation of the titan trolls coming on over to pay us a visit could it? let em in please its funny to hear the ignorance spewing from their keyboards.
  11. They are so different yet so similar. In nine seasons, Miami's Chad Pennington has pretty much seen everything there is to see as an NFL quarterback. After 16 games as a pro, Baltimore's Joe Flacco has much more to see and learn. However, Pennington and Flacco are defined by similar traits -- their ability to run offenses that don't ask them to carry the load on their passing arms and stress taking good care of the football http://www.nfl.com/playoffs/story?id=09000...mp;confirm=true
  12. i feel mike shanahan got shafted. Hes a solid coach. He did the best he could with no ground game(5 Rbs on IR), and a banged up defense. He will find work quickly. Same can be said for mangini
  13. We have tried to draft receivers in the past with minimal success. Id like us to go get a proven receiver. SOmeone with a nice track record. Like anquan boldin, although he is going to cost us 10x more than a rooie would at least we know we are going to get production. Anyone know what happened to chad jackson? He was a monster in college, huge frame, strong as a bull but rode the patriots bench for a few seasons. Id like to see what he can do.
  14. why would you play the probowl before the superbowl? No one on the superbowl teams will participate in this game for fear of injury and losing valuable game planning time. This is stupid
  15. agreed! this is a lame article. Get a life Schmuck.... your name is schmuck. Stop tryin to stir the pot up to draw attention away from your horribly embarrassing last name.
  16. 200k for each playoff win..... if that aint incentive I dont know
  17. As the Baltimore Ravens try to earn their first postseason berth since 2006, rookie quarterback Joe Flacco has already received a hefty Christmas bonus. The rookie first-round pick recently earned an additional $3 million in bonuses from the Ravens based on his first-year performance with the team. Flacco recently eclipsed a huge playing-time escalator in his contract of participating in 80 percent of Baltimore's snaps as a rookie. He will have $750,000 added to his base salary in the remaining four years of his contract. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3792215
  18. have they ever seen what WE do to those jizz rags? We burned a pile of them on russell street after we beat them 27-0.... literally set them on fire and walked away.
  19. i really dont want to play brett favre. Granted he is an old man with horrible numbers no one can argue the fact that when he is 'on', hes unstoppable. He threw 5 tds earlier this year in one game and if they get in he'll be playing to prove all his doubters wrong. That could be a trap game. bring on miami. I was just thinking if the pats lose do we rest anyone? I think we should. at least sit em in the second half. Poor guys havent had a week to rest since what week 3? oh and I just listened to the Little wayne blog on ESPN. He picks the ravens to win it all this year.
  20. im surprised theres no DHL truck blowing past them on the highway.
  21. A battle between us and the Jays for last place the next 10 years. Great, looking forward to it. The only way the Os can ever regain that old fan base is if Ripken is somehow involved in the F.O.... oh and angelos is dead.
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