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  1. Grimes is going to jump an aiken route before this is over. Pick 6
  2. who the hell was that guy? Never heard of him. I guess he is taking Williams spot this week?
  3. Shaubs arm is about as strong as peyton manning. There is a pick 6 coming in this game for sure.
  4. Personally I thought Shaub was pretty bad last night. He seemed very inaccurate on the intermediate routes, over throwing some, missing right or left on others. He only took 1 shot downfield and that ball was extremely under thrown. We were lucky that Givens still made the play. It's possible that his receivers weren't in the right places or there were just timing and miscommunication issues. I guess we will see as time progresses
  5. The one benefit to me as a fan when the team is not doing well is the affordability to go to these games. Sunday morning at 8am I had no ticket and was just about to start painting my kitchen. My friends calls me and says to get dressed, grab beer and come over he has a free ticket in section 106. Without hesitation I headed over. Within 30 minutes I received a text from my sister and then another friends offering me a free ticket. Never has this happened to me before.. I was supposed to do a group buy with 4 other guys for the steelers game and I am so glad I didn't pull the trigger.
  6. Asa Jackson was IR'd too. I'd be perfectly fine with cutting him. He plays once in blue and there is a 75% chance he was get flagged for something on that play
  7. Dear God. This team FINDS new ways to lose. WHAT JUST HAPPENED???
  8. This is just a depth signing I guess? I thought TE and RB were our two most solidified positions already. Forsett and Allen has been doing just fine this year. I'm not even sure how West fits in the gameplan
  9. The funny thing about Rookies and mini camps is that I recall having a conversation with my ravens fan buddy years about about how Jai Reid was flat out stuffing Terrell Suggs on every play during the minicamps
  10. I'm already sick of hearing about Perriman and he hasn't done jack. I'm far more excited to find out if Campanero can build off this season and give us 16 productive games next season.
  11. I can't believe it didn't happen. Total failure on Harbs and Bisciotti's part
  12. Without Sr. I dont see us winning another game. He was the security blanket for Joe. It's 3rd and 8, who gets the ball now?
  13. Suggs was the leader of the defense heading into this season, that's not up for debate. Even casual NFL fans know that.
  14. It does matter where Suggs is considering the state of our defense and obvious lack of leadership on that side of the ball Your viagra induced hard-on for Flacco's contract is well beyond 4 hours, seek immediate medical attention
  15. The last time anyone in the Ravens front office or coaching staff saw outside linebacker Terrell Suggs was shortly after he ruptured his Achilles tendon in the season opener on Sept. 13 against the Broncos in Denver. Since then, they've received no phone calls and just one text message from the six-time Pro Bowl performer, who has pulled one of the greatest disappearing acts since Harry Houdini... http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-preston-ravens-terrell-suggs-column-1030-20151029-column.html --------------------------------------- Perfect.
  16. "Maybe it's time to give Decosta a shot"
  17. Who is this Perriman guy everyone keeps speaking about? Seriously though, Dez Bryant and ODB started their careers on IR. Turned out to be studs. Fingers crossed that PCL heals up stronger than ever. Needs to more deer antler spray on that thing.
  18. Jacksonsville???? Psshhh, Robinson and Hurns would carve our secondary with ease.
  19. I agree. That was a 7 point swing. Defense makes the stop, expected to get the ball back with a chance to get 3 or 7 before half. Instead give up 7. Never got back into it after that.
  20. I know we suck, i get that. But we are getting fucked royally by these refs
  21. Vinny and rob brought up today that the first ravens offensive play of every game this season was a pass to juice. 1st play tonight was pass to juice. 1st play after halftime was pass to juice
  22. A Script for another one score heartbreaker
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