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  1. Personally I thought Shaub was pretty bad last night. He seemed very inaccurate on the intermediate routes, over throwing some, missing right or left on others. He only took 1 shot downfield and that ball was extremely under thrown. We were lucky that Givens still made the play. It's possible that his receivers weren't in the right places or there were just timing and miscommunication issues. I guess we will see as time progresses


    Who cares? Plenty of teams with decent fanbases have empty seats at times. Not only was it obvious before the game that we were in for a long season - the game itself Sunday was terrible. Absolutely horrible to watch.


    The one benefit to me as a fan when the team is not doing well is the affordability to go to these games. Sunday morning at 8am I had no ticket and was just about to start painting my kitchen. My friends calls me and says to get dressed, grab beer and come over he has a free ticket in section 106. Without hesitation I headed over. Within 30 minutes I received a text from my sister and then another friends offering me a free ticket. Never has this happened to me before..


    I was supposed to do a group buy with 4 other guys for the steelers game and I am so glad I didn't pull the trigger. I'm just going to hold out hope a free ticket or a $20 ticket will present itself.

  3. But Perriman wasn't.


    He never missed a game in college so if he can pull thru this PCL there's a lot of hope for him.


    He ran by the entire secondary all during the mini camps much like everyone else in the NFL

    is now. He didn't drop any til his last day of mini camp. He dropped two, I think.


    Then he got the PCL on the first day of camp.

    The funny thing about Rookies and mini camps is that I recall having a conversation with my ravens fan buddy years about about how Jai Reid was flat out stuffing Terrell Suggs on every play during the minicamps

  4. It doesn't matter where Suggz is, he can't play, we should be worried about where Joe Flacco is, he's the one with the fat contract and 1 lucky win this year, thats who we need to be concerned about.


    It does matter where Suggs is considering the state of our defense and obvious lack of leadership on that side of the ball


    Your viagra induced hard-on for Flacco's contract is well beyond 4 hours, seek immediate medical attention

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  5. The last time anyone in the Ravens front office or coaching staff saw outside linebacker Terrell Suggs was shortly after he ruptured his Achilles tendon in the season opener on Sept. 13 against the Broncos in Denver.

    Since then, they've received no phone calls and just one text message from the six-time Pro Bowl performer, who has pulled one of the greatest disappearing acts since Harry Houdini...




  6. Who is this Perriman guy everyone keeps speaking about?


    Seriously though, Dez Bryant and ODB started their careers on IR. Turned out to be studs. Fingers crossed that PCL heals up stronger than ever. Needs to more deer antler spray on that thing.

  7. The fumble was the turning point. The Ravens were building momentum and they it shifted.

    I agree. That was a 7 point swing. Defense makes the stop, expected to get the ball back with a chance to get 3 or 7 before half. Instead give up 7. Never got back into it after that.

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