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  1. so after losing 5 games this season, all by less than a touchdown, the consensus here seems to be that this game will be the blowout. The one we've all been waiting for.


    Interested to see if Harbs and Pees can fire up the squad for a Monday nighter across the country and at least keep it close. I think if we can get Forsett 20+ carries it will remain close


    Cards 31

    Ravens 24

  2. YEah if I were Elway I would say what I have said about Joe being a game mang and he has those accolades b/c he road a running game and a D.

    wasn't our defense middle of the pack if not back of the pack the year we wont the superbowl? I also don't recall our running game being exceptional that year. Good maybe, but enough to carry an average game manager QB to a title? Joe carried us to the superbowl that year

  3. After whiffing on several drafts, amazingly we still have a good DL and OL. Fortify those and begin to strengthen the LB corps and secondary on D, and WR and TE on offense.

    Again, I think a 2-3 year project and within Joe' s window (assuming he's here and healthy). it some ways, it reminds me of where we were when we DRAFTED Joe and Ray Rice.

    Realistically, it'll take a couple years (2017-2018) to achieve relevance. It stinks but its reality.

    I actually think TE is the strongest and deepest position we have on the team right now. Gilmore has been a stud this season, It's way too soon to tell with Williams but at his draft position we have to give him as many opportunities as possible and Boyle has made a few big chain moving catches for us. Pitta is obviously the question mark, we will know a lot more of his status when he gets on the field later this season.

  4. The thing that screwed Rice just as much as the video was the timing of the installation of Juan Castillos ZBS. That first year (rice's final year) the ZBS was dog crap. Everyone assumed Rice was finished and had too much mileage although he was still young. He couldn't hit the hole, couldn't break tackles, averaged like 3ypc. What no one other than Ravens fans recognized was that Bernard Pierce struggled just as much. The line play was crap. Insert Zuttah, Wagner, and a full offseason of ZBS and all the sudden journeyman Forsett who is less talented than Rice is leading the league in YPC. I'd love to see Rice get a shot on a roster in Kansas City right now


    Side note about Peterson - while what he did was terrible, he was and always will be a far better player than Rice. Adrian Peterson is the best Running Back that I have ever watched (30 years old). His power, vision, agility, top end speed and initial burst of acceleration is absolutely incredible and super human. No other RB could tear an ACL and rush for 2000 yards less than one year later. I know i'm riding his jock here but he is in my top 3 all time favorite players

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