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  1. Why does this offense wait until we are two scores down to execute. Every fucking game
  2. Dude every conversation in my house the past three weeks.Bring back unibrow, fu man chu flacco. Sexy guy joe flacco sucks
  3. Webb says he was out on the td. Umm he had 5 feet down webby you got beat by DHB the guy who even oakland didnt want
  4. Interested to see how many carries forsett gets 2nd half
  5. whats up with Alshon jeffrey? I saw his name tossed around on here and facebook is there a source to a possible trade in the works?
  6. They need to get someone on a plane tonight. The Thursday night game would provide 3 extra days of preparation for next sunday
  7. Well at least we can end the speculation and move on with our lives.
  8. But look at the bright side, week 1 we made a Hall of Famer look like Kyle Boller!
  9. yeahp, I'm done. He's right, Flacco is garbage he should go back to making terrible pizza hut commercials for a living and give back his signing bonus that he never earned. Kamar Aiken and Marlon Brown would be all pro on Aaron Rogers team and this defense could easily shut out the Patriots and win the superbowl if we had Tim Tebow at the helm making the veteran minimum.
  10. Ravens Ravens haven't allowed a 100 yard rusher in like 28 weeks. I can see that streak ending tomorrow night with Bell.
  11. Yes, football is a team game. He is 1 of 33 starters on offense/defense/special teams, that is 3%. Webb, Yanda, Dumerville, Monroe combine for 23% of the entire salary cap on this team, when are you going to call them out for collecting paychecks and not executing game winning drives. Webb is a shell of his former self, and part of the worst secondary in team history. Yanda is an offensive lineman for one of the worst rushing teams in the league, Dumerville has 1 sack and 6 tackles, Monroe played half of one game.
  12. Clearly our issue initially was the revolving door of terrible QB's and since Flacco entered we have seen improvement in our rankings. But it still seems we have a ways to go when Justin Forsett, last years leader in Y-P-Carries was just graded by PFF as the worst RB in the NFL for week 3. The lack of run commitment has been mind boggling. You cannot run the ball 10 times and expect Forsett to be productive. Even in Ray Rice and Jamal Lewis' prime of their careers it was always the same recipe for success. You run the ball 20 times for 2 and 3 yards and then boom a 50 yarder. You cant ju
  13. seems like everyone is a great offensive mind until they arrive in Baltimore.
  14. I've seen Jim Schwartz name tossed around. Mount Saint Joe grad. H.C. experience.
  15. Exactly. According to Cypher, since $'s per year salary directly correlates to Game winning Drives Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler, Cam Newton, Eli manning, Matt Stafford, Philip Rivers, Ryan Tannehill Colin Kaepernick, Russel Wilson all would have won those games on final drives with Kamar Aiken, Marlon Brown as 2 of their 3 top targets.
  16. Tha'ts because you are the only person who thinks Joe blew the last 4 games and not the defense. If it makes you happy here, "Great job defense for scoring two TD's" There I gave them Credit. WhoopDeDoo! Lets pretend they haven't lost Joe's lead 4 games in a row in the final 3 minutes.
  17. Flacco's accuracy has been dog shit this year. Especially on the deep ball. He actually looked more rag-armed than Manning in the Broncos game.
  18. How Kamar Aiken and Marlon Brown are on an NFL team is beyond me. Those two would not crack WR3 on any other roster in the NFL. They are a complete waste of a roster spot. Ozzie should be ashamed having to play these two. I'd take a chance on Randy Moss or Reggie Wayne in a heartbeat over these two.
  19. The lack of pressure from the DLline was shocking. Especially after watching them harass Peyton the week prior. Carr played with total confidence the entire game. The tackling is pathetic. It's too the point now when a receiver catches the ball I already expect a missed tackle.
  20. The second this play happened my friend, die hard ravens fan who lives in Florida now, texted me "They are who we thought they are, and we just let them off the hook, we will lose this game" He spoke the truth.
  21. Are you saying that the pass to Steve Smith was thrown too hard? It was a softly throw lob pass, a rainbow. Joe didnt have time to step into a pass all day
  22. I was questioning my knowledge as a fan I legit didnt get it until you chimed in.
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