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  1. The money maker is NE Orioles have a game that day too... Going to be interesting to see if they push back the Orioles to the afternoon or set up a day/night double header on Friday or Saturday
  2. It feels good to see the team now able to go into New York and Boston with confidence
  3. 83eh01


    Well if you are a betting man, this is a gift
  4. I'd love Welker here, but Rice and Grubbs are more important
  5. :cryin: :cryin: :cryin1: :cryin1:
  6. I pretty much expected an offensive struggle against the #2 defense,
  7. I like having the Texans come here next week
  8. I disagree. I will be spending when it's all said and done
  9. I did not want to see some of those images
  10. It feels good! I don't want merchandise unless it says SB Champs
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