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  1. IMO, There are 3 tiers of QBs: Tom, Peyton, Eli, Brett and Ben. You know them on a first-name basis. The second tier of QBs include guys like McNabb, Palmer, Flacco, Ryan, Cutler, Rivers, Collins, Rodgers etc. The third tier of QBs include the scrubs like Russell, Croyle, Quinn/Anderson, Young, etc. Of the top tier of QBs, Roethlisberger is the only one who is man enough to absorb hits. He never complains about being sacked/hit late. For that, I'm actually quite impressed. But the other 4 are all caterwauling wussies. When Brady sidestepped a falling-down Suggs (I believe he was pushed for
  2. STLRaven

    Week 3

    How easy was it? Last week it seemed like the O-Line was parting the red sea for Willis at the goalline. In a related note, I love our line.
  3. STLRaven

    Week 3

    I'm trying two streams, but neither are pulling up yet. I've got Green Bay at Rams on my big-screen; Ravens on the laptop (providing the streams will load). FOOTBALL!!!!!
  4. STLRaven

    Week 2

    I'm stuck watching PIT/CHI. FML.
  5. Our cornerstone is so young. I love that. Just imagine what happens when we add younger corners and a legit deep threat to the passing game. The future's so bright we've gotta wear shades. B)
  6. I'm kind of down on this game, but I'd be happy to eat crow if we won. The one thing that nobody seems to be factoring is how OJB's presence affects how the players think, play and act. They love OJ, and would go to war for him.
  7. If we were going into this game with the roster healthy and nobody on IR, I'd say that we'd have a great shot at knocking off the Steelers. However, having played as many games in a row as we have without any breaks, and having the Steelers coming off of a season with a regular bye week and a playoff bye, I just don't see how we can win. I'm not any less of a fan by saying this, but I just don't see us getting any of the breaks this game. I think the Steelers win by 6, 16-10. It could be worse, though, if the Ravens have to play the Steelers AND the officials. However, if the Tennesse
  8. I'm kind of torn. On one hand, I want to see a Steelers-less post-season. On the other hand, I don't want to see Philip Rivers win.
  9. There goes Cowher again... spoutin' off about how the Chargers are in trouble.
  10. Wait until after the game to buy that airfare... because if the Chargers win, you're stuck in PITTSBURGH with nothing to do but hate life.
  11. Marino had the save, though -- "the best any one of these guys could be is third, because I've got one and two locked up!"
  12. I just saw that... We're the giant killers in the playoffs. After taking out the team with the best record in football, it's unanimous that we're going to lose. Having Cowher on that show is a joke... he's got Big Jen's post-op tranny pee pee in his mouth at like all times...
  13. I don't know if I want to face that pass-happy warm weather crap. I really, really think we can beat the Steelers on the road. It'll be a game for the ages.
  14. There's a great quote by former Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog - "I'll stop stealing bases with the lead when you stop trying to score." While baseball and football are two different animals, the point remains -- if Chris Johnson didn't want to get 'Bent in half", he shouldn't of tried to reach for those extra yards. We finish plays.
  15. What's that saying? Don't poke a sleeping bear?
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