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  1. The media is the only one that has said anything about the attitude not Harbaugh or Mcalister. It's all media speculation. He did have an injury and I believe he violated a dress code. After the dress code violation he was too hurt to play. I think people are reading too much into it. If he is going to be a locker room cancer then trade him but, I don't see Mcalister as a cancer just a little nuisance at worst.
  2. C-Mac is amazing he will be back next year bank on it. Maybe he'll reconstruct his contract for the team maybe not but, either way we have to keep him. I don't think Bart Scott is someone worth resigning to cut Mcalister.
  3. I just think everyone is looking at how many wins we had and giving all too much credit to Flacco. We won 13 with Boller why wouldn't we be able to win 11 with an average QB with virtually the same team.
  4. Of course they would go out of business when I find my gift card. I went to there website which no longer has a store locator drove 15 miles to close Circuit City and it was no longer there. Apparently they closed some of them. Wouldn't care but, I found a $15 Giftcard lol.
  5. I will be supremely disappointed if the Ravens don't resign Ray lewis they need to make it a priority.
  6. I tolerated Flacco not losing games but, he never won the game for us. He lost 2 out of the 3 Steelers games that we played including one of the biggest games in franchise history. Of course he's going to hear it he deserves it.
  7. I'm not happy he's gone but, I could care less we've had 3 different DC's with Ray Lewis we've been fine every year. It's all good good luck playing against the Patriots lol.
  8. I think it's hard for us to make the claim that Flacco got ripped off for Rookie of the year. He had a worse QB rating then ryan in the playoffs and in the regular season.
  9. How about Joe Flacco having 19% of his completed passes going to Steelers. Come on yea there was a 25 yard penalty that backed us up but, the fact that flacco can't get 150 yards or a TD is just pathetic. That's an easy number to reach when your offensive line is giving you all sorts of time and you get 30+ attempts.
  10. How can you say our strength is at QB when he just lost us the game.
  11. Horrible Game by Flacco Horrible its making me physically sick how bad he played.
  12. Did Jim Nantz just say there is no such thing as a Helmet to Helmet hit what a freaking idiot.
  13. You don't have all day you worthless piece of crap.
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