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  1. No wonder this site is dead. People like you who want to start crap with another fan / member
  2. Good thing the D came to play
  3. you'd think we would be ready to block tonight but oh well
  4. well....... not a good start
  5. Man oh man how could I not know about the game tonight. I've been so caught up in my car I missed our first preseason game for the most part.
  6. After all that talk a slip in pregame warm ups keeps him out. Was it Karma? (Maybe) Was it a serious injury? (Doubt it) or was it a the fear of being shut down on primetime TV by "master lock, the best corner in the game" (Damn right).
  7. damn right, after 10+ years off god awfull qb play I believe i have a right to be pissed. One bad understandable if the team/qb has earned the right to have a game like that. excuse me for being a little "fickle"
  8. One good thing though, next season we will have a soft schedule so......can anyone say playoffs!!!
  9. Joe "fuck-up" Flacco - "Well throwing across my body in the red zone on second down seemed like a good idea at the time."
  10. its like kyle boller never left....i have to turn the tv off or im going to puke
  11. first one for the good guys
  12. the ball moved slightly just before the knee tapped
  13. where are all the ppl? this forum used to be packed on game nights
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