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  1. why isn't this on the Ravens board?
  2. What does Jarvis Landry and the Miami Dolphins have to do with the Baltimore Ravens?
  3. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000835667/article/deshone-kizer-named-browns-starting-quarterback Come on week 2
  4. more Mizz please. Mac looked like double d out there
  5. This just in. Joe has been taken out behind the barn and put down
  6. Guess poor ass organization knew what they were doing after all.
  7. "It's this simple: I'm looking for the best person to lead this offense," Marrone told reporters, per John Oehser of the team's website. "[The QB position] is right up there for grabs, and either person can take it." Marrone added, on Bortles: "It's not like he's not the quarterback. He's got to go earn it." Never heard his say that anyone sucks. Think this is the way to set fire to his QBs, and Bortles hasn't looked good at this time.
  8. How many QBs do the Ravens carry this season? Never have been a Mallet but he is just the back up. The field was very bad I really think it took away from the game and what we could have seen from the players.
  9. You don't think he is going to say we suck do ya? You have to have faith as a coach, pump them up. on the most part the o line has played fine with all the plugging in they have done and yes as the season rolls out they get use to each other, they understand each other. They will get better.
  10. Like the fans are controlling the team. Don't read the Sunday funnies just read some of the post here. Preston is right(in need of shower now). It is preseason if most coaches in the NFL had their way there wouldn't be a preseason. Playing the game is something that most of the NFL players have done since they were six, at this point they can strap it up and play in the parking lot. Jay Cutler didn't have any off season work, no training camp, called him up out of the booth and he did fine but you seen them chase him out of there. There have been other NFL players that haven't played in preseason by plan. And I don't care how much you get in before the season opener, there will be rust. That is how you get these team beating the other teams that they shouldn't in the first two weeks of the season. Joe is fine, just being babied. This is one of the best organizations in the NFL that doesn't cheat.
  11. and yet Colin Kaepernick is still without a job
  12. There is another black player on the team?!
  13. The Mob isn't letting teams sign Kaepernick. Lewis may end up on this team and Mallet may not be. I'll go as far to say the IF Joe can't or won't go that Lewis will be the starer day one. Signing Lewis had nothing to do with his skin color. There is no way any team is going to sign or not sign a player due to fans
  14. Never believe the media till I see it happen. Lewis has playing time in the NFL. He has been around a few more years. What is the percentage of "black males" in the NFL? Kaepernick not in the NFL has nothing to do with his skin color.
  15. Are we going too talk about Kaepernick when they sign new cheerleaders? I think the 3 sacks hurt Vaughan, and Woodrum just looked better. Lewis has more to do with Mallett then Vaughan.
  16. been worried about the line since JO hurt his toe Even though it was just the first preseason game, the O Line didn't look bad. Have an up and coming LT, there is a HOF playing RG, RT Austin Howard has had playing time. The inside guys did a good job. The line played fine in the first preseason game and they didn't have all the guys in there. Now who do I talk to about giving RB Taquan Mizzell time with the first team?
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