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  1. lol. You never quit. Even John Shelton looked good with Fitz to throw to.
  2. No, you said he has been no value. 1,000 yards receiving (and 100 catches, which he is always near) is still a great accomplishment. You may be thinking of 1,000 yards rushing, which has been devalued.
  3. It was a joke. But come on...look at Fitzgerald's stats over the years. He's only had under 1000 yards and 80 receptions once since his rookie year, with all sorts of QB's. Guy's an uncoverable beast.
  4. I'd rather have Larry Fitzgerald than Flacco, tbh.
  5. There are definitely some guys on that list I'd like to bring in, with the new kickoff rules
  6. We've made the playoffs four years in a row, as a team, and Flacco has also been a major contributor to our season-ending losses. Let's not forget the interception he threw in the fourth quarter of the pats game, or that there was another play after lee evan's drop where he couldn't convert the first down (and we had a timeout, as we know). Let's not forget the second-half collapse against Pittsburgh last year, that flacco (and rice) contributed heavily to. Or the costly strip-sack from Polamalu a few years back, when everyone in the stadium knew he was coming. Flacco is above-average, he's good, he has clunkers a lot more than top 5 qb's, and he has as many flubs as Romo. He just doesn't play in Dallas, and isnt held to a star quarterback standard like Romo is.
  7. I don't follow kicker careers very closely, but aren't there some vets out there? I feel like good kickers are always changing teams. Even Rackers seemed more clutch to me.
  8. Quarterbacks are not pitchers... they don't get individual win and loss records. There are 53 talented men who contribute to those wins. I like Flacco, but going by the eyeball test, he's not as good as a lot of guys, and he's not the strength of our team. Those others are all considered strengths.
  9. He's still put them at the 10... :-/ And anyone can nail field goals in the preseason... I need to know if he can nail a go-ahead field goal at the end of a playoff game. And, unfortunately for him, there's no way to know that until it's too late. Rather get a guy who has proven he can do it over time, or at the very least someone who doesn't have a track-record of missing kicks like that.
  10. That simply isn't true, Crav. Footall is a team game, and we're talking about individual players. For the TEAM, it's all about wins and losses. For the individual, there's WAY more to it than that.
  11. Can he dunk from 32 yards out? #cundiffhumor
  12. Sarcasm. Haloti Ngata finishes a long run better than McClain.
  13. Are you implying that McClain has fatigue issues? (See: touchdown run against the cowboys in 2008)
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