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  1. As long as Lamar ends the season with the one ring to rule them all, I’m good with this analogy.
  2. Do you ever get one of those moments when watching a game that you know something bad is about to happen? The commentators kept bringing it up during the game that JT was the only kicker to not have missed an extra point since the change. Everytime they said it, I knew it was only a matter of time and it couldn't have come at a worse time. To make it worse, it actually looked like he nailed the kick. I don't think JT believed he had missed when he made contact and the contact looked good. Just one of those, it wasn't to be moments that come along now and again. That uneasy feeling had me wanting to go for 2. I wanted no part of Brees in overtime. It looked like the D was getting tired and the Saints had a few long scoring drives in the 2nd half to gas the D.
  3. I don't like Flacco out there either. Put a TE out there who can at least run block for Jackson. The only reason would be they are setting up a trick play for later in the season. Otherwise we are asking for trouble. I'm surprised no team has put a LB out there on him and told the LB to hit Joe when the ball is snapped.
  4. Loved Infinity War. Amazing ending. Not sure about Adam Warlock being important for #2. He was originally created from the Soul stone I think which isn't the case in the MCU at least not what we saw at the end of GOTG2. I think it is more likely he will be important for GOTG3. I think Tony Stark is the important character for #2. I think that is why Dr. Strange saved him. Something to do with the 1 in a 14.5million chance the Avengers win.
  5. Marley in "Marley and Me" Just reminded me of one of my dogs and had me in tears.
  6. As I said on Lasley on another thread, I think he could be a good one. A lot of his drops weren't so much bad hands as they were concentration drops which are easily more correctable than bad hands. It will be interesting to watch his development. Maybe we have finally found a late round steal at WR that will actually develop into a #1 WR.
  7. I’m intrigued by Lasley. I’ve seen some of his UCLA games and think he would have been drafted a lot higher but for his mental lapse drops. I actually see a lot of Antonio Brown in his game. If he has half the career of Brown he will be a steal. That said he could easily end up like another Perriman.
  8. Yes and I also thought we traded up out of the 2nd because we suck at making good 2nd round picks as well!
  9. 7-9 but at least we can start over in 2019.
  10. Either the offense and the coordinator or the QB needs changed. Both suck and we are keeping both therefore we suck.
  11. This is purely my take but I don’t believe we have been the same since the Ray Rice incident. We have clearly prioritised character and shied away from anyone that might be a “challenge” to authority. The last risk we took was probably Jimmy Smith and that worked out OK although we could have had Dez Bryant that draft. I think that each team has a player or 2 on each side of the ball that plays with an edge and we have lost that along the way. Once Suggs is gone who is left on the D you would class as a leader? Once Boldin was traded we lost the last attitude player from the O and it shows. Some players are just greater than the sum of the physical parts of their game and we have become gun shy in replacing that attitude.
  12. The problem is with Joe’s contract there isn’t enough money available to put talent around him and keep it. And Joe isn’t good enough to elevate the lack of talent around him.
  13. It's been a long time since the mile high rainbow.
  14. I've seen this script too many times over the last 3 seasons. Not expecting Joe to bring us back.
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