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  1. It's actually really bad. It's only worth listening to this weekend since I'm a pack fan out of Steeler hatred.
  2. That the agreement gets redone quickly and without drama so we can have a season this year.
  3. http://www.gcobb.com/2011/01/27/jeff-fisher-and-the-titans-are-parting-ways/ Hrm... Theyre so done for.
  4. I really hope I don't get advertising spam in this. :P I want to get a Ngata jersey! xD and a hoodie. I hope this topic is placed in the correct forum.
  5. I really like this guy. He seems hardworking and talented. He definitely has the speed The Ravens need in a WR. I'll buy a Titus Young jersey if we get him. :P Every rookie worries me though... especially if were expecting to start him. :/
  6. I'm still gonna watch. Packers fan for Superbowl day!!! Out of hatred for the Steelers of course.
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