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  1. It looks like Terrell Suggs will NOT be at Michael's Pub tonight in Columbia. Lorenzo Neal will be filling in with a special guest. Has anyone heard who it might be?
  2. So how was Ngata? Was it just him or did he bring someone with him??
  3. To our moderator... would it be possible to have these appearance postings pinned for the week? Thanks!
  4. Looking at the message thread, it seems a weekly thread might be the better way to do this so here we go. Monday. Jan 5 Fabian Washington will be at Hightopps in Timonium, MD from 6 - 8 pm Halotia Ngata (and friends) will be at Max's Taphouse in Fells Point, MD (I dont know the times on this. Anyone?) Thursday, Jan 8 Terrell Suggs (and friends) will be doing his weekly radio show from Michael's Pub in Columbia, MD If you hear about a Ravens appearance, give a shout and add to the weekly thread. I will be at Hightopps tonight. Come say hi to the guy with the blue Surf-N-Sea t-shirt. BaltimoreBecker
  5. Too, too funny.... I think Cravnravn and I were both listening to The Fan this afternoon when they announced Ngata. lol
  6. To add to my original post. Last week, Lorenzo Neal was at Hightopps on Monday night for the WNST radio show, Purple and Black Attack, giving free autographs. Fun show, and good conversation. He signed everything and even posed for pictures. The fans there had a good time. The next night, he was at an AT&T store at White Marsh Mall. It cost money to get his autograph (I think) and the line was a good 100 people long and I doubt everyone got signatures. Unless it is for a good cause, I'm not a big fan of places charging for autographs. If you are a fan, it should be about being a fan.
  7. Good morning everyone and congrats to all of us in B-A-L-T-I-M-O-R-E for a return trip to the playoffs!! I am a new poster but wanted to ask if there was a place where fans can give a heads up about when and where players will be appearing. I realize a lot of the Ravens have (or have had) their own radio shows but it never seemed like there was a place that people could check to see who was appearing where and when. With that said, please feel free to add to this thread in the weeks to come and we can know where to see and meet our fav players. OR, let me know if there is a thread that I can add to with info I hear about. That said... Ravens rookie Haruti Nakamura will be appearing at Hightopps tonight in Timonium, MD. Anyone know who is at the Port Royal Inn (Fallston, MD) tonight? Thanks and GO RAVENS! Baltimorebeck
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