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  1. Nostradamus recently uncovered book (the lost quatrains) even speaks of the battle between the Ravens and Steelers. To boil it down, it basically says that terrible things between Baltimore and Pittburgh are going to happen more frequently. Pretty scary. 18:123.2 "As the new Delaware rifle unlocks its expedient and lethal score, the old one shall still defend the purple city" ... (to me this is the best one, unbelieveably wild but its there) 18.123.6 "The city of steel shall burn and its patrons mourn a new era, eating and devouring themselves" 19.001.2 "The smile of the Hines river shall frown and bleed upon its only birth giver" 19.001.7 "worthless Burgers shall take over neighboring towns only to find converts to the purple siege" (I take this as being Rothlesburger some how - Burgers were like mayors of cities or something). Check it out. Its all in that new Nostradomus book. Maybe a 2012 AFC championship RAVENS/STEELERS
  2. Oh me. it has been awhile since I have roamed and posted here. I am currently trying to break the reigns of mental illness (no joke, its hard, and I have real issues). best wishes to all. but it looks as this site may take me in deeper.
  3. I am on with that. I never hated the Bengals. Always liked Marvin. And while many will not agree with me, I dig Ochocinco. He entertained with a deft degree of respect for the game. He cried at the last loss to the jets. He has a heart. I do think he gets shut down by superior DBs, one reason he is not a hall of famer. McCalister could make him disappear and Revis now too. But, it could be that Palmer seems to have developed a rag arm. I am really surprised but Palmer is fighting to be average these days. He has a decent run game to help. Him and Brady look poor lately. Might be the competition. I'm much more surprised in the demise of Palmer tho, to soon. But I never hated those Bengals, and cincy fans, like a lot of mid-west or semi-mid-west folks I have met....are much more human than east coast football fans. I am not an angel when it comes to that. I have made Steelers fans literally decide to to leave based on my behavior and ragging at M&T. Nothing illegal but I pushed the envelope at some of those steelers games. good luck to Bengals and their fans.
  4. Scientists have identified a specific protein in some folks DNA, most common to humans born within 50 miles or so of the Chesapeake Bay. Its called the 'R' strand. Or 'Ravens' strand. Even though I was born in 1964 and held Colt season tickets with the old man until the end, I have the 'R' strand. Its genetic, nothing you can do about it if you have it. There are no treatments or surgeries if you happen to be pre-disposed to living and dieing with your Ravens. Sorry, lifetime deal. Thankgod, I was not born with the other semi-local strand, 'D' strand, or DeadSkin strand. What an awful genetic defect that is. It comes with so many other complications too. Way too many drugs needed to stay stable. Anyway....... Now, on a less (or more) serious note. I have identified the Ravens as 'The team that rarely gets blown out but can (on occasion) blow you out'. While I am gushing still over this past Sunday's win, its not totally necessary regarding what I have known for a long time. I wonder if anybody has any stats of who might be the 'least blown out team in the NFL' over the past decade. I don't have those stats. I'd bet the Ravens would be in the top three if not #1. I guess some criteria would have to be established- like - what is a blowout? Likely not just 10 points or more but perhaps more than 2 touchdowns. I'd say anything over 15 points is a technical blowout on the scoreboard almost certainly. So as an example, while 23-10 sounds like a solid beating, 26-10 starts to sound like the start or border of a blowout, actually 26-10 is a blowout in most cases. I'd call it over 15 points just as an educated arbitrary number. (yes, I know there are many games where the score does not depict the true play on the field, but over time and by and large it statistically does). I would love to know which teams since 2000 have sustained the least number of 'blowouts'. If I can find time I might come up with that number. Any of you stat gurus might already have a bead on it. Anyway, its one of the reasons I am proud to be a Ravens fan. We very seldom get blown out and mostly are always in our games down to the fourth quarter. I'll bet we are on top in that stat over the past 5 - 10 years. Another good thing that folks might not be thinking about, this team is a better, different team right now. Yes, it was the Lions, Bears, and now Pats. But the Ravens have 3 blowouts in their last 5 games. That spells of a different team. Oh, and those same Lions and Bears did not get blown out in post Ravens or Previous games like we did to them. They are NFL teams, I think its legit. Just another small potential oriented thing I like going forward. To Indy...with a ton of confidence. I don't expect the Ravens to Blowout the Colts. I'd be shocked if the Colts blew out the Ravens and not that surprised if we beat them soundly or even blew them out. Just my take.
  5. Ah...why is the most obvious thing not mentioned here in responding to the OP. The Ravens lost 6 games by less than a touchdown, while accumlating yellow flags like fleas to a dog. That is simply how close a team can be from being 12-4 as opposed to 9-7. Same team. Between the lines we punished some of the leagues better teams in a numerous ways. We belong. This forum, which I used to love, seems a bit weird now. I don't see as many replies/views and such. Just sayin.. (I had a different username back then and lost it....back to unsigned free agent now, but I used to participate quite a bit.
  6. I watch as many AFC games as I can being a Ravens Fan. Taking a close look at some of the Colts games (Ravens/Colts regular season matchup was just on NFL network), and after having examined the Colts roster and depth-chart...... No wonder it was Manning, and not Chris Johnson or P. Rivers as the League MVP. Yes he has his Reggie Wayne, and Dallas Clark, Freeny on Defense. But, holy cow, the rest of that roster is mostly rookies, undrafted free agents, undrafted rookie free agents, and waived or other team throw aways. Charlie Johnson is the left takle now? And that Defensive backfield, I have to be amazed any team can win with that. But.. number 18. He is special. Still, one great QB and a couple nice receivers can't propel a team through the playoffs. I don't think lightning will strike twice and suddenly the Colts defense turns into the 85' Bears, like it did in the 2006 playoffs. I think this really is the best oppurtunity to exericise another demon. As in we finally got to the Patriots, a team we have not been able to handle. Two demons in one season would be spectacluar. I can feel it. PS> yea I know I could have easily substituted 2000 Ravens for 85' Bears. PS2> I know Johnson replaced Ugoh at LT a good while back and there has been a bit of flip flopping here and there. My point being your 6th round draft pick from 4 years ago who came off the PUP this year is Manning's body guard? Good thing for that quick release. RAVENs have sooooo much more all round talent. That needs to show itself.
  7. This may have been covered. Is CMAC under contract? Its so damn hard to find and develop great CBs, let alone one's with size. We have one. I never really did understand any of the media issues around CMAC. He has always been a lone wolf kind of dude but never a team cancer. Everyone talks about Linebackers. Ozzie can pull good LBs out of his arse wilst he sleeps, but to me good CBs are the second hardest players to find behind QBs. Starters that is, there are lots of backup CBs and QBs to be had. I say whatever the beef with CMAC is we mend it. Another Rodgers-Cromartie is not likely to pop up 2 years in a row. Member the bad ole days, when the Ravens had no defense. One of the reasons - no corners. Dont want to fall back to that. Whoever gets CMAC gets a master craftsman with some good years left.
  8. So, exactly how did we wind up with Leonard? I could not find much on the particulars of how he landed with the Ravens.
  9. I listened to a short interview that Jim Rome conducted on his radio program with Willis McGahee today. No goofs at all, completely team oriented answers to the point he made sure that even Ray Rice got a mention as part of the Ravens running game. This has nothing to do with the interview but when I was thinking about the upcoming AFC champ game, I got this gut feeling that McGahee was going to play a big part. For some reason I think he is going to be a major factor in this game. I see some tough key runs from Willis.
  10. Dwan Landry, another Ravens late round Jewel, may be losing his job. Jim Leonard seems to fit in perfectly with this Defense. Landry seemed to be a silent partner in this defense, carefully fullfilling his role and not blowing too many assignments. He also seemed to be quite the run stuffer. Yet this Leonard, seems to have major potential, he always seems to be somewhere in on the play. He is only a few months older than Landry, both are 26. Landry is about 25 lbs heavier, which I'm sure may give him the edge against the run. Leonard seems faster. The only other thing is that Leonard is a force on special teams. I don't have enough information to evaluate the two players side by side. Is there anyone who thinks they can judge who are starting SS will be next year? Thoughts on comparing the two players?
  11. I'll be brief. A couple items to ponder in the aftermath of Saturdays game. 1. Cam has trusted Joe Flacco with more of the play book as the season has progressed and he has not made many mistakes. Yet early in game its as if it was Joes first game. When potential passing situations came up in the first two possessions, Cam basically gave up and ran the ball. It bugged me. What was it, 3rd and long both times, and not even a short pass was trusted to Joe. Was it early crowd noice or something? Don't you think this was a bit odd given that the Ravens have opened most of the play book up to Joe? And do you think we will start off Joe the same way again in the next game? To me, this approach gets your defense overworked from the start if nothing else. 2. On the NFL network, a very quick statement was made by Sanders in his analysis of the game. Many folks may not have heard it, cuz they were covering things pretty quickly. But he basically said the Ravens Linebackers are not very good in pass coverage. I'm not debating this point necessarily, but compared to the rest of the league's linebackers is this a fair statement?
  12. No need to change. Thanks. I knew this would be a flamed idea. For some reason I think the Ravens might have good luck with one bad actor. Since we avoided TO and a few others to our relief. The age 31 does not bother me. I am wishing for something that might not be possible to find. But the guy gives you that big physical target. Did I say 'Target'. ehh.. your probubly your right.
  13. First time back on the forum since last year. Hence I have a new ID cuz the old one did not stay for whatever reason. Used to be 'fromthemoon'. Anyway. Happy holidays and playoffs. Very tough year for me from both a medical and financial aspect (even the seat licenses had to go ) I have been watchin every game and made a few too even so. I am sure the idea of the Ravens getting a beastly physical WR has been brought up at some point. Does not take a genious to realize that would be one desirable weapon for the Ravens near future. For me, the best heavy duty WRs in the NFL are Andre Johnson from Houston and Larry Fitzgerald from Arizona. I watch those guys and they add an incredible dimension to the offensive structure. I was wondering if Plaxico Burress is released from the Giants and does not do time ..... if he might be worth a gamble for a Ravens FA pickup. He is not in the same exact mold as Johnson or Fitzgerald but might be as close as one could find next season. What are your thoughts? Plus, for you college football followers, is there anyone coming up in the draft within the Ravens reach that might fit the Big, physical, athletic WR mold. We had a 6'6 receiever for a while... Clarence Moore, I think. But he was not talented nor athletic. I know Burress is not the perfect citizen. But I don't see him being in the 'Cancer' class once he gets back. Just the opposite possibly, if given a break. Can you imagine if we could add a beastly WR to our emerging offence?
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